step eight :: shower me with knitting

my grandma made me this coat

my grandma made me the coat pictured above !!! i don't know if you remember how many coats i have, but look at this one.... i certainly didn't have a knit coat in forrest green with cables! and it's so lovely and warm... can i say yay for me?? [oh i just did]. i *did* contribute the buttons.... it was actually fun to learn how to do that - and it's actually easy - you just need a little plastic ring to crochet around [who knew?]. but the buttons are the tiny touch on the masterful work of my grammy. THANK YOU!!

my dude [that's what she calls him :)] from jess hutch

jess saw the bunny i made awhile back and said she'd be willing to trade with me. i was floored. i mean really [i think i got the way better end of the deal] i'm a totally softie novice! she said she looked at my work to figure out the colors and i couldn't be happier !! my dude is so great and huggable. and i have to say he looks pretty darn cool w/ the nara ashtray that a friend got me... THANK YOU jess.

this is what i made for jess.... my first giraffe:

giraffe by me

i had a really good time making him. i had to give him a scarf too [since jess sent one with my dude]. my favorite thing is that he can actually sit. that was such a bonus! i could really get into this softie making thing.... if i only had more time....

speaking of which - a project just entered my life - i'm really excited, but also terribly nervous about it... more as it unfolds.... and i am way way way behind on some thank yous to blog peeps.... will try to get to that asap.

have a great friday - don't forget to check out ash's post on ship


wendy said…
that sweater is very very lovely.
I am beyond in love with it!
and I love your trade with jess...your giraffe is super cute with his (is it a him?) little blue spots!
lisa said…
loved seeing all the handmade goodness on this post!!
julie said…
YAY!!!!!!!! for you my sweet - looks absolutely gorgeous on you!! Love the length of it! enjoy, enjoy!!
And yes, you are great at creating softies too!! its those magic hands you know..

intrigued about the new project...
have a lovely weekend xxx
cruststation said…
I love your knitted coat from your grandma, the colour is gorgeous, that picture reminds me of Amélie. Aww your plushie is amazing and adorable, what a wonderul swap, you should definitely make more. Looking forward to hearing more about your new project.
pat said…
I am sure your Grammy is thrilled to see you in what she made for you. She and you should be because the coat is BEE-YU-TEE-FUL!! I know you will treasure it for many, many years to come. And the sofite is great....I can just see a bunch of these sitting there by your fan!
hannah said…
oooh yes, what lisa said!
LeeAnn said…
Can I borrow your Grandma? :) I could use a knitten jacket now. It's a little chilly outside!
Shari said…
your new green coat is awesome. it looks lovely on you. loved seeing the softies. the giraffe is so cute! i'm really eager to hear about your new project. happy friday! xo shari
oooh, great little animals!

and that coat?! wow! it's of those things that you keep forever :)
bugheart said…
what softie
i don't really believe
you are a novice
at anything...
i would beg you
for a softie
but i know
you have
NO time...
your grandma
is amazing.
but i knew that
Kelly said…
amazing. That coat is just stunning. Lovely color too!!
And Mr.Giraffe is adorable(I like his eyes).
Kim said…
The coat is freaking fantastic. Yow! You are a lucky lady. And the giraffe is awesome.
Kathleen said…
That coat is to die for! How lucky you are to have such a talented grandma.
Super cute giraffe too. Love the spots & the scarf:)
NIchola said…
Oooohhh i'm intrigued, what IS this new project?? can't wait!
Love your coat, your grandma is one fabulous lady and of course the buttons are the best part ;-)
alyssa said…
Goddamn, that coat is nice! You have there a "super-grandma," lucky girl:) Maybe you can talk her into having her own blog, so that she can share some more tasty treats. I love that coat, the color, the style everything. Is it super soft?
poppy said…
how lucky are you? i'm sure it's well deserved - that is an amazing coat and such a keepsake! i'm green with envy!

love the softee swap - you do need to make more!

and oh to have an exciting project entering one's life!
amy k. said…
oh wow. that coat. wow. it's so lovely and the color!! gah. it looks amazing on you-

and you swapped with jess! I am jealous. of both of you!

and good luck on said project! excited for you!
Jess Hutch said…
Yay! Swaperoo. And hooray for a beautiful grandma-made coat. And for new projects.
joy madison said…
oh my! That giraffe is the cutest!!!
laurie said…
the coat! oh, the coat! it is to die for. happy friday to you too lisa! (i'm all curious about your new project)
dandelion said…
what a cool giraffe!
amisha said…
what a gorgeous coat! your grandmother is amazing... i love the color + texture + the great buttons. such a wonderful gift!
and the swap... yay! love jess' softie and your giraffe with its wee spots + scarf. :)
cally said…
Wow, would I be condemned forever if I suggested swapping grannies?! Except I wouldn't suggest that because I'd never inflict my one on you, she's a bit of an ogre and only ever offers (forces) hideous clothing. That green number of yours is so stylish and full of love. Wowee.

Thanks for your offer of blogger picture details. It always was fine in the past and then about 4 months ago it started making some smaller than I was uploading, but very randomly.

How about this, you are a super busy cupcake goddess (etc.) just now but if ever you wake in the night (in the future) and just can't sleep and are utterly bored, then feel free to let me know more details. But for now I don't want to take one minute away from your creative time.

I can't believe a whole week has passed since I was last here reading - how'd that happen? The cupcakes look sp-len-did! Love that wall shadow shot too.

Ack, want to say more but brain and eyes saying "bed, now". I think I just finished my job, so weird to not yet know. I said goodbye to some folk, just in case.

Happy monday to you sweet Lisa OXO
What a coat. It is wonderful. breathtaking actually. And, to be able to say your grammy made it for you. Well, that is dreamy. I adore my granny so I understand the emotion you must feel having such treasures come from her. Also, loving the loves that entered your life and the giraffe!! Thank you for swinging by! It was lovely, truly! Vanessa
ambika said…
Holy cow, fortunate you! The coat is just gorgeous and the giraffe--so darling!
Abigail said…
Wowz ...I have to say that coat is stuff that dreams are made of! Lucky you, and clever granny :)

Am so excited to hear you have another big project coming up....can't wait to hear more!

Your softie is just swell - love him!!

Alison said…
Perfect. (shakes head again in utter approval). Just the perfect coat.
lisa s said…
hey wenders.... yes... giraffe is a him ! :) [why i don't know - but he's a he]

hi lisa!

julie.... :) you flatter me... magic hands. ha!

crustacion... more on the project soon.... i love that you say ameilie. tickles me to no end

pat... :) i think i'm more thrilled to wear it!

hi hannah!

leeAnn... sure! :) you can borrow her... and this coat is so warm - it's great

shari... xoxo

erin... yes - forever and ever and ever ! glad you like the animals

bug... oh we can trade softies... most definitely... just be patient

hi kelley - aren't those the perfect buttons for eyes? i was SO happy when i found them

kim... :)

kathleen... yup. super duper lucky

nichola... project reveal soon... have to finish it first

alyssa - i think my grandma needs a cape... and a blog! yeah - it's nice and soft!!

poppy... :) i will make more!

amy k... we can always swap again if you want ;)

jess.... oh i'm so happy w/ my dude... thank you!

cally - i will try to look at your blog HTML and let you know what i find.... hope you slept well - things seem VERY busy in your world! be well friend!

hi vanessa - yes - it is very nice to have such a grandma - and something that will be a keepsake!

abigail.... xoxoxoxo

alison.... i'm so glad you approve!! :)
k. cooper said…
that is seriously the most amazing coat i have ever seen. wow!
gracia said…
A late 'WOW' from me...
And an 'OHH, Ahh' for good measure too.
see you, g xo
simple me said…
Love everyhting about your new coat...the colour, the pattern, the stitching...I wish I had a grandma like yours...sigh!
Enjoy it! :)

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