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edit :: i'm so sorry shari - i put her 3rd image in the wrong direction.... it is hopefully fixed now

hello friends.... it's time for THREE :: LIGHT - the third installment of shari and my project.

SHARI'S images and sound

{to hear shari's thoughts on light and these photos, click here.}

ME ::

three::light 2

i have been noticing lately how much i am affected by light so when shari suggested the word it seemed to fit. getting up early 4 days of the week and watching how rapidly the light and sun moves in the sky in the morning... from gray haze to light pink to more intense pink orange to finally morning light.... on my drive to hayward the sun is low in the sky and practically blinding.

light :: bright :: natural :: flourescent [yuck] :: candle :: moonlight :: starlight :: tungsten :: opposite : dark/shadow :: basking in light :: red light district :: the SAD disorder [which i think i'd have if i lived further north] :: emitting light :: spiritual light ::

and i couldn't help but think of : light as a feather stiff as a board - did you ever play??

three::light 3

but what i really wanted to document with light was how fleeting it is.... slight changes make the world of difference....

three::light 1

the light from the window at the top of my stairs - i took the photo each morning right before i left. notice how on friday i didn't leave the house until 11am and the light is yellow - unlike any of the other ones....

i also thought of these older pictures of mine that seemed to fit light...look here, and here .

next week our project will be back on shari's space.

thanks for all the cupcake/studio love. i'll have pics of the show and i'll talk about the opening next time....

happy monday!


bugheart said…
love your
it was nice
to have
the voice narrative...
storys are
so wonderful
such a great
from my
2 favorite
julie said…
Oh this project is just brilliant!!! Love Sharis photos and her thoughts (and her voice!!) Especially fond of the the map with shadow routes...

and so interesting to see your documentation of the light through the window at the top of your stairs. Also loved reading your 'light list'!

Its so amazing how light affects us...i crave the sun..not so much for the heat but for its light! And i HATE flourescent too!!!

Enjoying the new look of your site...very calming xxx
JessRedRose said…
Light... your post made me realize that I generally think about light only because of what it illuminates, rather than focusing on the quality of the light itself. Lovely photos and words, Lisa!
jen said…
great installment this week! it was great to hear shari's voice and her description of her photos. i love the map photo! lisa, i love your series of the window. very interesting. you must have left very early on wed. i am SO affected by light. often times i leave my house before the sun comes up and come back when it has gone down. it is amazing when i can stay home all day and watch the beautiful light light brighten up my room and then fade into sun set.
wendy said…
oh light..what a great subject.
shari's thoughts on the was cool to hear what you thought behind them...and how you approached light.

and lisa...I love the light on the stairs in the morning...that rocks and your list.

I love seeing how the two of you approach the project!
UNIFORM Studio said…
This is my favorite one so far. Light is everything. In my studio I teach the students to think of light as a material. Even though you can't hold it, it has a physical presence. Another amazing thing is that light is a common denominator. Unlike something symbolic, everyone can respond to phenomena.
I'm really enjoying this word project -thank you.
abby said…
so much i want to sy to both of you but really i have very limited time right now-i love his-tis whole projet and thanks so much for sharing!
lisa-i am with gwen-i want you to do a narrative, too!
gracia said…
And sound!
From two documenting souls with the mostest!
Love it.
see you, g xo
pat said…
The photos were great. So were your comments about the word itself. Add one more: the fact that some people get depressed in winter when there is less light shows how important it is to our wellbeing!
oooh yes, light as a feather, stiff as a board...let's just say i will never play again!

great post, by the way :)
amisha said…
hi lisa and shari! i love this installment of the project... so perfect for this season of fleeting light and a time when i want to just grab on to the little bits that i can and hold on tight. the photo series at the top of the stairs is wonderful. like jen i usually leave just as it's getting light and come home as it's getting dark, and i treasure the days when i can stay in and watch the changes in light throughout the house, or walk outside in the afternoon sun (no window in my office, just florescents! ugh!). i played light as a feather stiff as a board too :) and shari, i loved hearing your narrative and thought process behind each photo! the shadow map, the night photos... amazing. i am enjoying this project so much you two-- thank you for sharing it!!
risa said…
you guys are such an inspiration! you always come up with wonderful ideas and then even more wonderful thoughts about these ideas. iy´s been interesting living in a place where the amount of light we receive each day is the same all year round...i always wake up to light and almost always eat dinner when it is dark (the sun goes down around 6:30). i forget what it´s like to have batural light at 8pm.
maditi said…
already dark where I live, so thank you for the beautiful rays of light :) your documentation is fabulous!!
louise said…
Thanks for including both your thoughts on these images. I love how the shadows on Shari's globe photo look like lines drawn to planned destinations. I also love the changing light from the window which you documented over five days. Imagine how it would look over the coarse of a whole year... great stuff guys.
Shari said…
hi lisa!
this project is just so much fun. your window series is amazing. i love seeing them all side by side. i also remember many a slumber party playing light as a feather, stiff as a board. :) xo s
Stephanie said…
wonderful girls!

i love the narration and the stairway series.

good light to you both!
poppy said…
light makes me think how much we are deprived of it here up north and on the wet coast! seeing blinding light in the i wish!
cally said…
love the way you show the series of changes, and it ties in with photos I took of the sky yesterday, all 5 mins apart but hugely different. I love that light, sky etc can change so fast. Keeps us on our toes.

And yes, light as a feather, we played that, I thought it was a miracle the 1st time!
cruststation said…
I love how one word can inspire so many thoughts/images. Through the eyes of a photographer, light is crucial to the final result. The idea of documenting this project through both of your web-blogs on alternate weeks is wonderful, I love getting to know you both better.
Marieke said…
Wonderful poetic post this is! Love it x
jenifer74 said…
i played that game; creepy creeps! love the window light pieces. here's to hoping you don't have to move too far to relocate the studio!
dandelion said…
these photios are amazing - light can really affect the way things look... I'm loving following your project!
mav said…
well this project is wonderful. xo
simple me said…
Fantastic stuff!
Good to hear Shari's voice and your window series is just magical.
I love images of time passing represented by light changes throughout the day.
For me light is everything...

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