step four :: vent a little

opening soon

four 14-16 hour days in a row makes one very tired lisa. we are super duper close to the fake cupcake shop being up and running - good thing too because i don't think i'm up for any more installation [and i'm not taping cupcake sleeves to the wall like dear tara.]

on the wonderful side of this :: working in tandom with tara has been a joy. it's really fun to collaborate with a like mind. she's so cute - and she has a wicked sense of humor. little bits of sweet sarcasm ... she's like a nara character super cute and lovable with an edge. mostly i've enjoyed laughing with her... and high fiving at our silly cupcake stuff. everything is SO handmade and wonky. we are loving the wonky. becoming one with it.... do you see the "A" and the "R" above??? [i tried to channel margaret kilgallen as i painted the letters] or as tara would say... the "specialness" of it all.

on top of this i let in 33 students into my drawing class. i am SUCH a sucker for the sob story. sigh. luckily there is a graduating super talented senior that i have commandeered to be my unofficial TA. she shouldn't be taking drawing I - she only is because her units from a city college didn't transfer.... if it wasn't for her i think the students would really loose out on one on one instruction. but with her i can spend a couple of extra minutes with those that need it and make sure that i talk to everyone at least once. she's getting an art/education degree so hopefully this will be a good experience for her as well. by the end of the class wed. almost all of them were contour drawing with a bit of confidence and skill.... look out here come the pine cones!

and on top of that.... i am most likely going to have to move my studio. even knowing that this was inevitable [the building has been for sale for a spell] - this has hit me like a ton of bricks. i hate the idea of moving. i want to stay with my studio mates. sigh. there is a slight possibility that we might be able to move with-in our building - just to different spaces, but this depends on how the cards fall - and lord knows i'm not the wind and can't direct such hapless events. sigh again. what makes this even more nerve wracking is that upon opening the cupcake show i have to finish and wrap and send work to the levy gallery.... trying to fathom moving amongst teaching and show preparations and the desire to just make work makes my head ache. if there is a studio god i am lighting a candle to you. i'm trying to think that really there is a GOOD reason that i will have to pay more rent - potentially loose out on natural light {it's a gain of wall space??} - pack and move all the silly bits of paper and junk that i have collected as potential materials - all 507 million bits ....

tomorrow morning i will post my ship of fools contribution....

if you are oaktown bound tomorrow evening come on by MAMA BUZZ CAFE - 2318 Telegraph Ave - 7-10 pm. i might even be wearing an apron....

i want sugar


alyssa said…
Hi Lisa,

Your show looks so great I love the look of the shop window. So sorry to hear about your studio space. Maybe, because there is a group of you there will be a better chance of finding something?? I'll light a candle to that studio god for ya.
nicole said…
ooooh wish I was there. Good luck, break a leg?? :) GUSTO!
bugheart said…
i am dying
to visit
your cupcake
i could use
a little sugar
right now.
. . . . .
so sorry
about moving...
i'll do a little
dance for
the studio gods
on my end.
Shari said…
hi lisa!

wow. you really have a lot going on right now. the cupcake show looks like it will be amazing. i really want to see it all in person.
i'll keep my fingers crossed about the studio. hope you enjoy yourself this evening! hugs, shari
risa said…
oh lisa! how i wish i could go to this show!!! it looks amazing and i love wonkyness. that´s often where the real personality comes through...will you post more photos? and do you think anyone will be tricked into thinking the gallery became a cupcake cafe? have you had any inquiries yet?
wendy said…
Oh the cupcake show looks fantastic...soo soo cool! I so wish I could be there!

I am terribly sorry about the studio move...eck. I hope that things come together for you smoothly with the show, the mailing of the show, class, and an impending move...thinking good thoughts for you!
cally said…
Ha ha I was tickled with excitement when I saw the comments were switched on for this post. Hee hee, you have made a very happy me.

Studio move sounds daunting but... there is that great thing that happens when you pack your things, and then unpack them. You actually see ALL the 507 millions bits that you have, and usually find gems, or see them sitting together in a box in a way tht inspires a totally new line of thinking.

That is one of the things I love most about being creative, the 'eye' for the interesting is always scanning, always aware and setting our thoughts whirring, even if it means it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to pack boxes.

Good luck with I WANT SUGAR it looks visually yummy and I'm loving the 'wonkiness'. Wonkiness rules!

What also rules is the number 33 (I LOVE 3's) so you class would have seemed like the most perfect number for me, and with your unofficial TA fate is helping out. Lucky students to be in your class.

You are the kind of person that people remember forever. I had 1 at school and a few at different colleges and they make all the difference.

mati rose said…
yeah! we can comment:) i wish i didn't have to work, or i'd be there in a heartbeat. cupcakes & art & seeing you... a perfect combo!
good luck with everything you got moving and shaking.
Abigail said…
Go Lisa!!!!!

Remember when you first announced this show ...when you didn't know how you would fit it all in and get it done??

Well, all I can say is I just knew you would rise to the challenge....cut to now: with loads of hard work, talent and energy and it all looks amazing, and I wish I could be there to see it in person! Seriously. Those would be some plans and a half for a friday night!!

Have a great time - you deserve it! hugola xox
one black bird said…
uh,lisa, can i still get into your drawing class? heh, heh, kidding! congrats on the show!

will miss the opening but i will pop by to check it out. oh, and a good studio will come your way, you must believe! xxoo
Marieke said…
Hi Lisa - amazing graphics in your cupcake project! I want sugar really sounds like me :-)x
laurie said…
oh... i love the window + wish i could stop by!
gracia said…
I want sugar, and I want very much to go to your show in person! Here's hoping you both have (had) a wonderful eve... it all looks marvellous to me.
see you, g xo
cindy said…
good luck with the show lisa, it's looks gorgeous, from the outside. :)
i wish i could come down and see it in person. one day.
maditi said…
I wan´t sugar too - and of course see your fabulous show :)
so sorry about your studio, hope you will find another special place!!
kelly said…
33? Hehehe, I could have guessed. Your too nice for your own good ;) Which is a very good thing.
And this cafe sounds utterly amazing. I'm pooped just thinking about the work.
julie said…
Oh i just realised you turned your comments on...oh sending hugs of wish i could be in your class and come to your shows and support you!! Its looking so fab!!!
Good luck with the show and your studio situation (im sure it will work out ok in the end)xxx
natasha said…
i am behind on blog reading...i saw the window and thought, man, i wish we had a cupcake shop. duh! anyway, i wish i lived nearby.

moving sux. but things happen for a reason, so maybe something will happen that wouldn't. and maybe you will get even better light?
amisha said…
ohhh comments! :)
hoping, knowing that the opening on friday was amazing... the little peeks so far have been so tantalizing and i can't wait to hear all about it! and sending hugs and strength and hope for these busy transition times. you will get through it in style! fingers crossed for wonderful studio space with great mates.
lisa s said…
hello friends - thanks for coming back to commenting... i've certainly missed it!

also thanks for all the well wishes... will write on the show shortly.... and fingers crossed on the studio situaion - will know more soon.

and maireke - isn't that font great?? i love it... it's called engravers and was made by this company that replicates old fonts... if i can dig up the link i'll send it to you....
poppy said…
how i wish i could channel margaret myself, but you seem to have done that quite well - great R! i want sugar - sounds like a good place for a real cupcake shop - good luck with it all and your pending move, such a drag.

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