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hello friends. this week's word was picked by shari . it was DOOR.

SHARI'S response



a paper mockup of my front door (as seen from the inside). polka dot
paper from marieke + the inside of a security envelope.

i find myself constantly drawn to photographing doors. doors seem to be
a metaphor for one's path in life. doors open, doors close. doors can
be a barrier, yet they can provide protection or a buffer against the
outside world. open doors provide possibility, invite new things into
one's life.

i love door hardware: door knockers, doorknobs, obviously. :) i think
doors can have such unique character. i'd love to have a bright blue

view my flickr set

finally, a little series of photos taken through the peephole.


MY response

work doors

when shari suggested the word door the first thing i thought of is how there are drastic differences in doors. i mean - i, like shari, LOVE doors. and i guess we both also like to photograph them. whenever i go on a trip i am drawn to capture a door or two. i have doors of seattle, new york, santa fe.... [maybe this should be a coffee table book - maybe it is already?] it's funny to think of a "door" creating a "place" but in fact it can. so above i captured my 2 institutional doors. my office doors at school. don't they just scream workplace/school??

then i thought about the front door of our house and how i really really loved it from the moment i saw it. it was big - [you can fit a fridge through it EASY] it had charm and character and detail.... i wish it was a different color, but that's another story.

front door

so of course i also thought of the metaphors of doors and windows... opening and closing.... how many doors do you pass through a day? do you lock your doors [both physically and metaphorically] - why or why not? doors are gateways. they provide or deny access... and i too [jeez shari we are so alike] love the details of doors... here are some of my favorites from around my house - obviously the glass doorknob is specifically for your shari [and it's the only one in my house - at least for now]

five :: door :: 3-details

and don't you just LOVE shari's peephole photographs. sigh. i don't have any doors w/ peepholes... wish i did....

hope your week is starting off well!


bugheart said…
you two
love your
of doors...
may many
new doors
open to
you both
this year.
kelly said…
Love this. A lot. A lot a lot. What is it about doors that is so fastinating??
Shari said…
i love how you contrasted work doors with your home door. i also love all of the details you photographed and the glass doorknob of course. :) if you could paint your door any color, what color would you choose?

we are SO alike lisa. this continues to be such fun. thank you!
xoxo shari
amisha said…
this project... every week so much to think about... i love it. you two constantly amaze me with your insights and wonderful eye for beauty and detail and meaning.
hoping that doors are opening for both of you right now...
and wishing i still had glass doorknobs. my new orleans house had old rickety wonderful ones... might need to scout out some flea markets...
louise said…
Great photos this week, I'm loving this project! Shari's peephole photos rock as do your institutional doors.
hannah said…
well done ladies! i love doors and thinking about all their meanings and your thoughts on them. here is one that played a huge roll in my childhood that you two might like.
Jess Hutch said…
When I was a kid, if I stood in front of the TV or something else my dad was trying to look at, he'd say, teasingly, "hey Jess, you make a better door than a window!" What a compliment - doors are clearly very cool, and you and Shari have shown.
Marsha said…
i LOVE this post. the peephole photos suggest so many things about a simple door that i just hadn't thought about. very clever!

thanks for sharing this project!
Abigail said…
yes, oh I do love the peephole photo's....those could make an amazing series on their own even. Way to go shari...:)

also...adore your captures of peeling paint and details Lisa - quite beautiful!

great with a capital G! :D

Vanessa said…
totally adoring the peephole pictures. One day I was showing this house, and there was a pocket door seperating this teeny roon from the rest of the house. When we opened the pocket door it had 6 latches, you know those that latch like a hook into an eye. yes, well, lots of those and a peep hole that was under 4 ft. from the ground. Like 3 1/2. Isn't that bizarre? Oh, the things I have seen....
gracia said…
Beautiful doors and entrance ways... and, oh! those peepholes. Alas, I have no peepholes, only a few accidental ones in the front door created by new fixtures and locks.
Hmm, you two have inspired me to take a little wander about my house and really look at... doors.
take care, g xo
julie said…
another door lover over here both your interpretations...i would choose blue too your peephole pics and your fun front door collage!!!!!
And lisa, your door details are beautiful and also love the idea of the doors at true!!!
wendy said…
I love the detail of the doors...and like everyone else doors in general. I think this is such a great project to remind me to pay a little more attention, look around more!
love it.
cally said…
Thanks for letting me post your life belt, will do tonight, hopefully. And... I'll find some of my blue door pictures and post them for you as part of my BLUE week. Doors are great aren't they.

I bet you're like me, watching a movie and often more aware of decaying door in the background than the conversation of the main characters. I'm always wanting them to move right, left, over so I can see the doors better :0)
Mary said…
these photos are wonderful, lisa (and shari)! i love the subject, and i love seeing both interpretations.
blair said…
you two are up to so much good stuff over here! I love the word door. I love the layers of it you've shown. Door means so many different things. The symbolism of an open (and a closed) door very much illustrates what we are pondering here at home right now. Heavy stuff, yes, but could be very very good doors too. Miss you! xo
lisa s said…
here here gwen....

kelly - i dunno - but they sure are compelling.

shari - i dunno what color - it's not clear in my mind... i'm so glad we are doing this together

amisha... doors opening are nice. i wish i could have seen your new orlean's house!

hi louise!

hannah - gorgeous door - it's like a wonderland retreat. i would have loved that as a kid

jess... that is SO FUNNY... yup - it's a compliment

marsha - thank you for visiting and commenting

abigail... i know huh - great peepholes!! thanks friend!!

vanessa - i'm telling you - it's gotta be a book ;)

gracia - you'd think we could have nicer doors at work, no?

wendy - yes... look around :)

cally - exactly. move aside so i can see that DOOR!

mary - thank you !!
cruststation said…
I love how you both document the same word differently and, it's always fascinating where the thoughts collide. Love Shari's collage and photographs through the peephole, poetic insight. Lisa, I love your front door and the wreath is so beautiful! Your post reminds me of one I read on Britt-Arnild's blog:

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