sew green

a new blog! a bunch of us crafty gals put our heads together and came up with sew green. it was really sparked by shash , and then as these things do - it's organically grown into this whole other idea.... i'm really excited and hope that you all go to check it out ....

also - don't forget that shari is hosting the documentary project today - i can't wait until i have a moment to see how she responded to last week's word :: delicate

we've been having glorious weather here... many hours were spent in the yard the last few days [i took my computer and grading outside!] we also had our first official BBQ. yum.

and i had to show you this:

tilda learned from garbo that eating grass can be fun in the sun.

happy monday!


julie said…
Hi Lisa, as i wrote over at sharis...i loved todays documentary chapter and really relate to all you beautiful!! And love your doilies...
And sew green is going to be FANTASTIC - wish you luck and enjoyment from it!

Spring brings with it smiles..and barbeques :) xxx
shari said…
hi lisa!

aren't you loving this weather? cute pics of garbo and tilda. yay for collaborations. sew green looks great. love the header you made. xoxo shari
amisha said…
hurrah for time outside in the spring! e is outside grading as i write this, at the coffee shop... oh how i wish i could work at the coffee shop too :)
love that picture of the grass-eating. and the amazing projects today... sew green looks so good!! and the documentary project today... perfect. hope you are having a good afternoon in the sun :)
gracia said…
Hi there LIsa,
Words and thoughts documented, pets looking cutely contented in the sun in perfect unison, AND a launch of a new blog (complete with graphics wonderful by you).
See you, busy one,
g xo
kelly said…
I'm sooooo excited when I looked at the blog Sew Green- perfection! I'm so impressed and cant wait to see what you ladies do!
Vanessa said…
Soooo much sun here as well. Almost on the verge of too hot too soon. But good, nonetheless. SewGreen.. Must go see.. sounds wonderful!
cruststation said…
Ooh, you designed the header for 'sew green'? it's wonderful. I also enjoyed your entry for the documentary project, it's such a beautiful word and wonderful thoughts with it. Congrats on all fronts!
cally said…
Sew Green, this is just toooooo exciting! I just did a compost blog, will follow with a one about Sew Green.
Dawbis said…
i am really looking forward to the sew green blog. green living has become my life over the past year, and to see more gals sharing what they know about environmental issues makes me all kinds of excited :)
bugheart said…
hooray for
sew green.
looks like
the pets
are trying
to live
wendy said…
love that photo!
too funny.

and sew green looks fantastic.
I hope you aren't working too hard
lisa s said…
hello friends,

glad you are all excited about sew green too! [and yes babelfish i did the banner :)]

i think it will be a really good learning experience....

and wenders... um.... i think i'm perpetually meant to work :)

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