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hello friends. i'm coming up for a quick breath of air. staring at the wall trying to pick between... yellow + tangerine + charcoal OR egyptian lime + pink + fucshia OR turquoise + neon lime + lavender..... it's sort of a choice between too pretty, garishly hard to look at - but on purpose, or referencing the root of the imagery more directly [which happens to be argyle if you are curious]. i think i'll have to come back to this tomorrow. time to move onto some doilies??

above is an older piece of mine. i did this whole series of pieces thinking about women and their relationships. building on the idea of sewing circles or quilting bees. above the women are relating by thought. i dug up 3 of those pieces that i had left and gave them to the curiosity shoppe - a great online store run by derek and lauren [two incredibly supportive and wonderful people!]. here's my page in their store... but take a peek around as they have so many things i'm totally in love with. like these , this [which is currently out of stock, but], and this, just to pick 3.

shari posts on ship today - and we'll both be here on monday with our documentary project.

have a lovely weekend.... now back to work for me!


studio craft said…
Love your old/new pieces over at Curiosity Shoppe.

I'm feeling the charcoal + lime + tangerine these days. =)

Have a great weekend.
sally said…
Shoot...that was from me, Sally.
bugheart said…
i wonder if
the blog
the old time
sewing circle...
a lovely
kelly said…
I love seeing your old work- it's so nice to be going through old work and be re inspired.
xtina said…
can i vote on a color triumverate? is that okay? i am intrigued by this yellow, tangerine and charcoal tantalizingness.....
your stuff is in the curiosity shoppe?!?!?! AWESOME! that's so cool, i adore that shop so much.

off to check it out!
Alison said…
3 women connected by a trail of thought, experience, knowledge and craft.
And, well, y+t+c. Coz of the charcoal and tangerine.
julie said…
your doilies are always a good distraction!
And just enjoyed following your the crown and of course Marcel...and well, everything in the shop!! Your work, old and new, is always beautiful and timeless..
Enjoy your weekend xxx
Kathleen said…
Love what they wrote on your page "Lisa's work is important to us because it tells stories and asks questions, like all great art should." Lovely pieces, lovely shop–perfect match.
wendy said…
what a lovely little shop!
and your work new or old is beautiful and full of thoughts!
I hope the wall is coming along...I think the yellow + tangerine + charcoal sounds brilliant.

good luck with the breathing thing!
risa said…
i love your pieces. i love love love them.
and argyle...intriguing. not as feminine as doilies or cupcakes or embroidery hoops (not that men can't or don't like any or all of the above but historically i think of argyle as almost more male than female).
maditi said…
I love your "thoughts around" piece in particular - beautiful shop!!!
happy creating :)
cruststation said…
There's always a deep inspiring thought behind your artwork which I love. One can look at them all day and daydream about the past, present and future. Have a lovely weekend!
gracia said…
You had me lost for a great deal of time at the Curiosity Shoppe... checking out your pieces but also the mushroom wall shelves and alabaster deer heads... so many things to tempt you with in there! As to argyle, how I love to wear my old argyle vests, moth holes and all.
see you, g xo
Penpal Andrew said…

This is not a comment about your blog. But I found you on a site where someone was talking about a magic designer and you said you wanted one. Well I have one. I am not going to ship it to you, however, I wrote a computer program which emulates this instrument (toy). And I would be happy and thrilled for you to try it. Please email me
Andy Katz
dandelion said…
so amazingly unique and beautiful!...x
shari said…
so eager to hear which color scheme you chose. hope things are going well. i really love this piece and as always hearing your thoughts behind it. the curiosity shoppe is such fun too. xox
Dutch Girl said…
Mmmm... color decisions. I'm lovin' the grey, ahem charcoal, and lime action lately. It really depends on what you want to say with argyle. It's such a tradional pattern to play with. Much like scottish plaids. Would love to talk more on this with you.
Vanessa said…
Oh, your work is precious! Loved the curiostiy shoppe. I am on my way back. What a birght and lovely place it is!!!
Marieke said…
That's a great work! Just gorgeous - and lovely shop too x
amisha said…
i love this piece and the others at the curiosity shoppe... your work is always so thought-provoking and it's wonderful to get a glimpse of your older pieces.
the color schemes sound intriguing! charcoal and tangerine and yellow... yum :)
lisa s said…
thank you guys for your kindness - so glad you like the curiosity shoppe as much as me!!

and thanks for weighing in on the color selection process. i'm STILL debating [libra]

gwen - YES i think that is so right on - blogs as sewing circles!!!!

kathleen - that was my favorite part or what they wrote. i was so touched

risa - me too -arygle=male that's kind of why i'm interested in playing with it

amber- let's talk pattern!

xo all
natasha said…
that is an amazing idea that the blogworld is a kind of sewing circle. lovely! hey, i am a libra too! go figure! oct 6, god help me...i love the feminine touches that your work always has. i love the idea of not prescribing to some of the usual things that keep the "viewer" at a distance. your work really pulls the viewer in and has a sense of familiarity and innocence. just lovely.

i have been feeling stuck over the last couple of days. not feeling like drawing, or finishing collages or

happy spring sweets! you should sing! i recently heard my husband sing at band practice and was stunned that he didn't know that he could sing. i mean REALLY sing. who knew? i bet you can!

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