i heart my postman

from natasha & babelfish

bablefish is a great source of inspiration. there are always good posts about design, art, etc. on her blog. one day she lamented that she couldn't get anthropologie catalogues in the UK. thinking that was a minor tragedy i offered to send her a few. and a deal was struck. US to UK magazine/catalogue swapping. woo hoo. i was really excited b/c i had heard so much buzz buzz about habitat and now i get to see why w/ my own eyes. that catalogue is seriously swoon worthy. along w/ the mags she sent the most adorable wallet [which i am going to use for travelling!!] and mini colored pencils. [we all know how anything mini makes me dance around]. what's more - those came in a muji bag. when is their store opening in NY? [not fast enough]

the adorable bookmark, amazingly soft neck warmer [in the perfect color w/ ORANGE buttons!!] and delectable skein of hand spun yard came from natasha . just because. if you touch her yarn you will want to make things with it. it's so amazing. i can't get over the colors either.... you can get your own here .

pink stag

when i saw abigail's stag on whip up i gasped. and then i gasped again when she sent it to me....

oh i'm a lucky lucky girl.

i've been thinking a lot about martha's post on obsession and maria's post on alter egos . good food for fodder. i am wondering if we should all reveal our alter egos and obsessions....

happy thurs!


bugheart said…
a million
in prizes.
. . . . .
i drool
your necklace.
julie said…
i would also love your postman if he delivered me this lovely loot!!

Abigails stag looks perfect on you...you should be the stag model!!
shari said…
lots of lovely treats for lovely you. i have been very inspired by martha and mav's blog topics too. i keep thinking about my alter ego...i think i must have 2. i'm a gemini twin after all! xoxo
meg said…
i heart your postman too. i wish he'd cheat on you with me :).
jenifer74 said…
your posts are in tandem with my teaching; i'm doing an alter-ego projects with my 6th graders - we're in the middle of it -- based on trenton doyle hancock...you watch that art 21 series? good good stuff. (hm...it's my 6th grade again; they did the chair projects as well...!)

your postman is fantastic :) and your sweet goodies you received, even better!
sally said…
Sweet goodies for a sweet you.

Love the photo of you...the stag looks perfect.

Alter egos...ooh...I have many. =)
cally said…
Brilliant photo of you, great treat, fun post. But now my habitat catalogue surprise is spolied! oh well, I'll send you the summer one instead. I love insideout too, but it's too pricey for me to buy 2 copies so i'm glad she's got you covered there.

alter ego's eh, hmm, between that and your progression post (very absorbing) my little brain will be ticking away. ah well, if i can't sleep it's an excuse to read blogs into the wee small hours!
risa said…
i have the same set of little pencils sent to me by a friend in england. and you know what? i've had them for about a year and i've yet to use them. one more example of supplies to pretty to use!
wendy said…
that photo of you is beyond perfect!
I can't tell you how much I love...love what it captures...your style and your art...YOU.
momo said…
truly many goodies you got there in the mail!! you must be so thrilled!! i heart swaps and mails too!! ^_^
gracia said…
The postie must need an extra large sack when delivering such a bountiful haul to your post box... enjoy them all.
take care, g xo
cruststation said…
Abigail's jewellery is so perfect on you and, you are one super-stylish lady :) Love the layering and please please tell me where you got that jacket from? I think I'll have to ponder over the alter egos issue this weekend, thanks.
LeeAnn said…
I am lusting after your new necklace! Mr. Postman has been very good to you.
louise said…
What treats! Lucky you.
xo lj
poppy said…
wow! lucky lucky you! and more to come soon!
amisha said…
that photo of you! i love it!!
and such great treats in the mail... i remember abigail's post on that stag and i was amazed (thinking about how many jeweler's saw blades i broke cutting a straight line :) ) xo
oooh! lovely post, swoon swoon swoon :)

what a great package!
Abigail said…
Lisa - can't tell you how much I love that photo of you wearing the stag and that fab ring....all against your wall piece!! Be still my beating heart - it's pink perfection.....

...can't believe there is a person in the world who would wear mr. stag better than you :)

Happy weekend sweet - I'll be thinking about alter ego's too. Maybe we should all reveal some time? ;))

maditi said…
super-fabulous pink photo setting!!
your mail is great :)
vanessa said…
I just adore Babelfish! What a darling girl. Oh, how I covet this swap! How wonderful for both of you.....I was skipping at the mailbox when I received my Anthro living magazine. I am ordering the bird duvet, today...Oooo, yes, the alter ego...Mine is so far from who I am on the outside....So far....xxo,Vanessa
lisa s said…
bug - you are too sweet

julie - yes - i love my postman!! thanks for liking the stag pic!

shari - just 2? i think i have like 20! :)

meg - oh how you had me laughing w/ that

jennifer - we are on the SAME wavelength - i lvoe it!!!

sally... :) xo

cally - oh yes please - on the summer habiat. drool droool drooolll!! happy brain ticking!

risa... i know - they are are almost too cute to use - but i think i'll get over it

wendy - too nice... xo

momo!! i heart swaps too!!

gracia... hee hee! if only i always got mail like this!

bablefish - thanks again - and anthropologie - that's where the jacket came from

leeAnn - i lusted over the necklace too - can't believe it's mine

hi lj!!!!! xo

jan - :) can't wait!

amisha.... - i know - all those blades - i broke SO many when i tried cutting things out...

hi erin!!

well abigail - i love wearing th stag!! we should all reveal the alter egos....

maditi! xoxo

vanessa - me too! but that's what alter egos are for!!!
natasha said…
did you really only just get it now! woooooow! i have to say that sf might have the worst postal system ever. it is the one place that things never get to, or take a month to get there. anyway, i am glad it came, and i hope you liked it! a neckwarmer, just in time for summer!

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