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sorry, you've seen this photo if you've been to sew green . but i didn't really talk about it there... there's this purple house that you can see from our backyard. and honestly i hate it. i think it's the ugliest purple. and the building is trying to be modern in that 70's-80's trying to be modern but looks so dated way. but the other evening - i think it was the first of the extended daylight savings time - it looked really lovely in the light. note to self : it's definitely possible to find beauty in what you may think is the ugliest thing ever.

my talk went OK i guess. i really am shocked that people want to know this stuff. at some point i managed to find some sort of rhythm i think... what really amazes me is to see the ties that bind my work together. from one thing to the next it's like - OH i'm talking about the same thing! i may add a bit, or parse something down, but really it's all the same ideas. like i'm in the wash cycle... chug chug chug - the suds move around - clothes touch, if it's the wrong/right tempurature one article may bleed onto another.... all the different shirts, pants, socks... coming together in a soup.... i want to particularly thank elizabeth, and mimi for coming by and introducing themselves. it's always nice to confirm that people do really exist outside of the internet! [and are usually even NICER than you think they will be reading their blogs. and it's so good to gaze into people's eyes!!]

i'm at this point where i think i just need to put my head down and barrel thru all the stuff that is on my path and plate.... grading, numerous projects [thank god they aren't all due at once - well, 2 are simultaneous, but], coming up with a new syllabus, an application my heart isn't really into but i know i should do anyway - if only for the experience, 2 other applications that i'd like to do, but not sure if i am going to be able to get it together.... plus research vinyl, pick out new colors for felt tanks [!!!].... hmmmm

so off i go.... [and forgive me if i'm a bit absent the next few days...]

do check out ship - i posted today on the new book - on beauty....

have a great weekend


Beth said…
Your work is so fine, very happy to have found your blog too.
dandelion said…
i too am guilty of writing off 'ugly' things, but often they are the most curious and interesting things! Glad the talk went well, I would have been there if it wasnt for the ocean and hundreds of miles between us! x
cruststation said…
Hi Lisa, I love that photo, doesn't that building look lovely against the pastel blue sky and red tree? What a wonderful colour combination!

Will you consider doing a podcast of your talk when you have time? definitely love to hear it. Good luck with everything, and have a fab weekend!
UNIFORM Studio said…
So glad it went well. I wish I could have been there.
Have a wonderful weekend. (I'll think of you as I do my grading...:)
shari said…
i really love your thoughts about the purple house. i liken it to being really drawn to an essay one day and not so much on another day. i think our mindsets/moods really influence our perception of the world around us. therefore, something that is "ugly" one day can be beautiful the next. i think it's kind of neat. you are so busy (in the real world and in the blogosphere). enjoy some time away. hugs! shari
sally said…
I missed reading your blog. So happy the talk went well. One day I'm going to be in the audience! Take care of yourself as you dive into all that work.
bugheart said…
i think your talk
went better
than you think...
love to hear
about it
in more detail...
my talk is
barreling on
through too...
wendy said…
hey I have felt...maybe you'd be interested in...but I think that photo is lovely...I like how the building's trim matches the color of the bare tree.

so wish I could have listened to you speak about your work...I think your love for what you do weeps from your pores...and it is inspiring to hear.

good luck getting through your time right now...if you need to blow off any steam...I am on the other end of the line.
cally said…
glad to hear it went well, i bet you were fascinating, more than you realise.

I was come to say (but CS beat me to it) would you ever do one of your talks as a podcast? that would be so great!!!

the life of the creative person - more sensitive to ugliness (purple building) but more able to find beauty in ugliness (purple building in the right light).

i hope your break is super productive with some fun time for yourself in there too.
risa said…
i wonder what your voice sounds like...i remember listening to shari's first song she posted and thinking how cool it was to experience her with a different sense...
there is a little purple victorian house for sale in denver that i keep drooling over. at least, over the photos online.
gracia said…
I would have loved to come along to hear your talk... someday, maybe, when we are both in the same country at the one time? Glad it went well for you.
Good luck with all those projects, ideas, tasks and chores!
see you, g xo
maditi said…
love the purple/pink/mauve in your photo - I find it sometimes really hard to see the beauty in ugly things ;)
good luck with all your projects!!
Vanessa said…
How do I understand so well about eye sores that all of a sudden don't look so bad.....And, actually look peaceful and nice....in a certain like....It is al perception. Life is. Ideas are. So much on the plate. For both of us.. how do we get so busy??? Good luck on all of this!xxo,Vanessa
Sara said…
Loved the purple house. There's a proof that beautiful things can be found all around us!

Thank you for your comment. I hope to see you a lot at dois designers {two designers}. For me, it's always a pleasure to visit you here!

See you soon!
cindy said…
hi lisa,
i join all the others in wishing i was at your talk. maybe you could come up and talk at emily carr art and design. they have quite a good visiting artist series. you could write the trip off. of course i'm being selfish, i'd love to hang out with you in person. good luck with all that's on your plate. i know you will get it done.
blair said…
Lisa, that photo, that house and tree, it really is beautiful. I can only imagine living with it in your backyard, but as you said, now you have this image to remind you of the beauty in the ugly! Right? And, my lord, I would have given eye teeth to hear you speak. Would have LOVED it!! I'm glad it went well. xo
Listoria said…
Oh, I should take a picture of the purple log cabin not far from where I work to show you. You want to talk about ugly? I cringe whenever I drive past. It used to be a terribly lovely rustic cabin. I have yet to see it in a light that lends beauty to it!

Good luck with your numerous projects!

julie said…
lovely thoughts on the purple house - its such a warming picture.

I bet your talk was fantastic...i could just faint at the thought of talking in front of lots of people..and YOUR mind works in amazing ways!! Wish i was there..but you know that! xxx
amisha said…
hi there! this photo was so striking on sew green and i love hearing the story behind it, and the finding of beauty in the 'ugly' spaces.... it's amazing to me how the right light, or mood, or coincidental fluttering thing that you can't identify can completely change your perception.
and the talk sounds great... wish i could have heard it (love the washing machine metaphor!) xo amisha
lisa s said…
hey beth... thanks for coming again... and commenting here

dandelion... i think it's so easy to write of the ugly :) yes... too bad for that ocean!

bablefish.... thank you! podcast - yes - that's possible - maybe i can get you guys to help me w/ that... hmmm

martha... xo ... how'd the grading go?

shari... yes - like w/ readings. xo

sally... i eagerly await your appearence in my neck of the woods

hi bug... XO - how'd your talk go??

wendy.... i love the idea of things weeping from my pores...

cally - am going to work on it.... xo

risa... my voice... i think i sound kind of silly. i think i might like a victorian in purple.

gracia. i dream of being in the same country as you.

maditi... xoxo

vanessa... yes! you would understand that concep t ;). i don't know where the busy come from, but it's raining buckets over here

sara - thank you! i will be sure to visit you more often!

cindy.... get them to invite me and i'm THERE!! :)

blair... yes. trying to remember... thinking of you right now... xo

tiffany! please do!!

julie... i don't know about my mind, but i do wish you were here

amisha.... perception is everything no?? xo

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