ducks [i mean tanks] in a row

here they come

i'm in that cross off 2 add 4 things to the list stage. it might be partially because we are leaving to attend the closing of my show at the richard levy gallery .... [happens on saturday evening - if anyone can/wants to come]. any time a trip is on the agenda things get a little wacky... it might also be because i started teaching a brand new to me class today - professional practices. it's funny because i've now taught long enough at one place to have repeat students. i have a feeling a few of them in the class are none to happy to have me again [i am hard on them and demanding]. oh well. i feel as though 10 sessions in 10 weeks is not enough time to really cover what needs to happen in the class. but again. oh well.

above is one project i almost get to cross off the list [must order pins]. the next tank installation is ready to go! woo. tomorrow i pick up some very weird glue that i hope will adhere 1/16" acrylic dowels to glass. i've tried 4 other glues so far and none have worked. sigh. according to this to that loctite should work [fingers crossed]. this is what is both fun and excruciating about making art. finding the tools/supplies that will work and implementing them in ways that don't compromise your original vision.

OH! please go visit an online exhibition i curated for my very talented friend timothy buckwatler . we showed his work at a gallery i used to work at - and i think he's really a funny, smart, talented guy. [and he's selling his drawings for really reasonable prices!] the show i curated is called delusions of grandeur.

and... elsewhere in blogland.... the documentary project was on shari's blog yesterday, ash posted on ship last friday, and we introduced 3 new contributors to sew green yesterday.

i've gotta motor as i'm giving a lecture on web design to a friend's class tonight and i have to prep some material... i'm not sure what my internet access will be like over the next few days - so if i don't post - that's what's up!

here's a polaroid for the road:
a chair and some leaves


wendy said…
oh....I love the tanks....the color scheme you were working out a little while back.
(it looks like it is going to be huge!)

have fun at the show closing!
bugheart said…
i second
the loving
the amazing
we do get
to see a photo
of it when
it's up...
have fun in
NM (right?)
and my fingers
are crossed
that the
like no other.
julie said…
i know the frustrations of glue well...hope it worked out..

Love your 'pretty' tanks all stacked up..and always love your found chairs :) xxx

enjoy the closing!
shari said…
yes, yes. beautiful colors! i'm looking forward to seeing it come together. :) i love the found chair too. xox s
LeeAnn said…
You know I have always had amazing luck with Gorilla Glue. They sell it at most Lowes.
jenny said… that pola duo lees. you have so many superb things to look forward to lately...:))) !
poppy said…
wow, i can't keep up with you and all your whirlwind creativity! look at all those tanks! who cut those? wwowza!

and then teaching and curating and still visiting blogs.....

how do you do it?
cruststation said…
Enjoy your show closing on Saturday, I'm sure there will be a party? Can't wait to see your finished projects, you have been SOo busy! So cool that you found another chair by the side of the it a common occurrence?
nicole said…
I love the colors in these photographs!
UNIFORM Studio said…
I find that the really good, interesting students appreciate it when you are demanding. It's your job as an instructor to push them to their limit, and it's their job to be engaged and to do what you ask of them and more.
I can also sympathize with you on teaching the new class. I think it's nerve wracking to be teaching a class for the first time -I always feel like I'm using the students as guinea pigs:)
Good luck with everything -you've got alot going on!
Can't wait to see the tank show.
Karen said…
Hi Lisa!

Sounds like you're insanely busy. I have been but finally some respite. I am JUST catching up with all my blog reading. I am sure that your students like that you push them. I remember being in university and really "hating" the demanding teachers but now realize that I learned the most. They are the ones whose faces I remember...

cally said…
love the pale moody hues on the polaroids too.
aee, was going to say more but REALLY need to pee x
lisa s said…
hello friends, so glad you all like the colors too!

thanks for the well wishes!!

martha - yes - new classes always add to the stress level.... and yes yes on the good and interesting students. so right!

karen... oh i don't know if i want my face to be remembered :) hee hee
gracia said…
Ooh, yes... I'd be there if I could. (Is it verging on the ridiculous if I tell you I've not forgotten about the teleporter.)
see you, g xo
louise said…
Good luck with that glue, making anything adhere to glass is quite the challenge.
amisha said…
hope that the glue worked out okay... the right sized tool for the right sized job! so true about finding those right tools/materials for your purpose... when you find it it's so satisfying. i'm very excited to see your tank installation-- the colors are so enticing!
and i loved your friend's drawings... wonderful titles :)

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