ghost town

ghost town

while in new mexico we went to madrid . it was a ghost town - abandoned when the mine ran out and the train stopped coming. it's been re-populated and is quite cute now... but remains of ghosts and lives past remain. i am naturally attracted to rust and the beauty in decay.

i really liked it there. i also fell in love with a shop. rock paper gallery. they don't have a website - but you can get a feel for the shop via some photos here . just precious items. both vintage and reproduction. i could have spent hours in there. i did buy some wooden bobbins which i love.... if i didn't have to get on a plane with one carry on bag i probably would have bought much more.

i still am feeling a bit quiet. the virginia tech tragedy has my head spinning. i've noticed as i walk around the campuses i work how really easy it is to gain access. and how very confining my classrooms really are. i don't want to be afraid. my heart goes out to those who have suffered and lost. it all seems so senseless.

more pictures from madrid.... i hope you have a pleasant thursday.

carnivals past

gold bond stamps

santa fe


julie said…
This place looks amazing - love the shots youve taken and the shop...i would be able to stay in there all day!!

This world has become a very sad place when we have to be on our guard all the time. I feel so sad for everyones loss...
MiKiMoNo said…
ohhh, these pictures are really beautiful. I love your blog!
meg said…
these photos are extraordinary! they really lend a feel for the town- and i love these old, faded colours.
the VA tech. story just keeps getting sadder and sadder...i am pretty speechless about it all.

on a lighter note, i've wanted to visit new mexico so badly, and now i want to go even more! these photos really seem to have a voice.

hope you are doing well, take care.
kari beth said…
That town looks so amazingly creepy and interesting! And that store...I want to go!!! What inspiration!

oh, and hello.
risa said…
hi lisa. i too have been spending a lot of time thinking about virginia. it's hard living abroad during times like this. many of my ecuadorian friends and colleagues have looked at me to try and explain what happened. obviously, i can't...i tried to explain the whole thing was as shocking and horrifying to us as it is to them...
and on another note, i love love love your photos of madrid. once we are settled in the west i want to take some road trips visiting places like this...
wendy said…
those photos of the ghost town are amazing...I love them. I love the forgotten bits of what we as humans have left behind and how nature reclaims it.

and viginia tech...I don't even know what to say.

thinking of you!
xtina said…
Wow wow wow, that place looks fantastic. Like you could spend forever there just walking around. It reminds me a lot of David Verbas photographs of the southwest, so I sent your post to him, I think he'll love it! xo
bugheart said…
beautiful photos.
i must go there.
still feeling
quiet too.
cruststation said…
I love the old, rural, rustic look of these photographs. What an interesting place, although can be seen as a little eerie...

You probably feel a little lost for words when stepping into a classroom, like waking up from a bad dream yet hazy. Such a terrible thing to happen and so sad.
momo said…
always enjoy looking at your photos!! ^_^
gracia said…
Wonderful, wonderful photos, Lisa. I would love to explore there someday. And sometimes photos and images are all that is needed, especially when trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.
take care, g xo
UNIFORM Studio said…
gorgeous desolate photos.
I really love that dry landscape.
At school on wednesday, I found myself looking around studio, wondering where I would tell my students to go, what I would do...
And then we had a bomb scare and they closed 7 buildings and canceled classes in those buildings...
very unnerving.
meg said…
love these pictures. a good friend of mine was married in an abandoned amusement park outside of pittsburgh - these photos reminded me of it - so cool!
hope you have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa,

Wendy Kawabata here. I'm happy you got to Madrid, it's a great little town. I'm in Rochester right now for a show, I found a beautiful old baseball in a shop for $2.00, with red stitching of course. Be well, take care. Wendy.
k. cooper said…
hi lisa... your pictures look wonderful! i hope you are having a lovely time, i know i did when i was there last fall.

and THANK YOU for the lovely, surprise package the other day!!! it was so super sweet!

lisa s said…
hey julie... that shop was so so good....

mikimono - thank you!!

meg... faded colors are some of my favorites

erin... i know. you should definitely go to NM. it's a very interesting place

kari - hello! thanks for coming by and commenting!

risa... i can only imagine what people abroad are thinking... sigh.... road trips are god. i can't wait to see your photos :)

wendy - yes what humans leave behind... hmmm....xo

xtina - i didn't even think of that - you are so right about david!

hi gwen... sending you big hugs

momo... thank you!

gracia... comprehend the incomprehensible. so true... xo

martha... i know... how would one escape. some of my classrooms have only 2 doors - no windows. it was hard to imagine... so sorry about your bomb scares. ugh.

meg... that sounds like the best wedding ever?? :)

hi wendy... so nice to see you here... that baseball sounds perfect... XO

kelly! oh yay! glad it got to you!!
amisha said…
hi lisa... i love these photographs from new mexico. rust, decay, age, history... so fascinated by these things too... the layers + colors + wearing away.
the vt incident has reverberated so much on college campuses, i think. UF had a gun scare last week after the shooting that turned out to be nothing, but people are so jumpy and the students are really freaked out. the asian-american students are distressed too because of racism against them... they had a meeting last night to talk about it... distressing all around. xo

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