have you seen tues-thurs?

Levy Gallery - install shot 8

i'm not sure where this week has gone. it just sort of went poof! i didn't get to participate in julie's week of color.... but had such a good time seeing everyones responses. sometimes photos speak volumes more than words could ever.

above is an install shot from the show at the richard levy gallery . i was so so so happy with how it turned out. i knew that they would do a good job as their vision is just so clear and lovely, but until you see something for yourself, you just never know, you know? kerri rosenstein and i had thought that it would be better to have our works sort of intermingle. her work and mine speak really well to one another. it was very clear that this was the work of two people and yet there were a few of her pieces i felt i could have made and visa versa. kerri was really a joy. i think she's coming through the bay area soon - so i'm hoping to spend a bit more time with her.

Levy Galelry - install shot 5

i was even OK with how the doilies on acetate looked. definitely not my favorite solution, but not absolutely horrid either.

all my shots of the show are here . as an aside - have you checked out the collections option at flickr? i'm loving it. i wish i had more time to organize stuff over there. i wish i had time to look at everyones photos.

today i am trying to clear the piles on my desk, finish grading, get some underdog stuff in order, finally unpack and do some laundry!! and i'm still trying to solve my glue problem. i'm hoping someone from here can give me the solution i need.... fingers crosssed.

have a lovely weekend and a great friday the 13th. i'm hoping to get back into the blog groove next week [but alas... no promises]


wendy said…
the photos of the show look really fabulous...your work is so delicate that I wish we could see it close-up!
I love how your work was paired with kerri's...they do seem like there is enough similarities and differences to make seeing the work together really interesting.
I hope you have a good weekend and take a bit of a breather as you catch up!
Abigail said…
nope, I didn't see tuesday - thursday either. It must be a worldwide time rift or something? ;))

the install looks great Lisa...I really like the space a lot! huge congrats!

have a supa weekend! xox
shari said…
love the gallery photos. your pieces look wonderful. this week flew by. it's true. now, i'm just hoping the weekend sticks around a bit longer. ;) have a good one. xoxo
julie said…
the work in the gallery look so beautiful together - i cant really find the words to explain what i think but..both your work and Kerris has a feel of delicacy and sensitivity..'almost untouchable'..time gone by...bad explanation but i love it!

Did you see my 'red' picture..check it out ;) xxx
cruststation said…
Congrats on the show, it looks wonderful and serene. I would love to lie on the floor of the gallery and have the installation on the ceiling like star constellations. Such a beautiful dream :) (By the way, I love the stuff in your shop)
amisha said…
the installation looks wonderful... i loved seeing the flickr shots but oh how i wished i could be there! hope you are having a long slow delightful weekend. xo
bugheart said…
i was thinking
the same thing...
there are
so of her work
that i could
see you
it's so amazing
when the work
of 2 artists
so seamlessly...
the same vein
so uniquely
hope you had
a good weekend!
lisa s said…
hey wendy, hopefully in october you will be able to! thanks....

abigail... where did they go??? space time continuum shift? ;)

shari... thank you.... XO

julie... i love what you say.... and i love your red picture!

bablefish... thank you... i love the idea of gazing up. that is so nice!

hi sweet amisha! someday i hope that happens

hibug... yes... feel very lucky about kerri and my work.... :) hope you had a good weekend too!
poppy said…
the gallery photos are amazing, would've been so cool to see in person. thanks for the look though! and more great polaroids....
cally said…
tue-thurs is one thing, but I'm wanting to know where Jan-April went!? I can't believe May is nearly upon us already.

The show looks beautiful and delicate and oh-so peaceful. Definitely a space I could sit in for hours at a time just enjoying the tiny details, the colours, the threads and also the interplay between the two kinds of work. Congrats on such a successful show, and to those who installed it.

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