it's the small things

*update* i forgot to mention it ain't fittin' is on display through the 30th at the atlantic center for the arts in new smyrna beach, florida. renee also has a piece in the show! *end of update*

i have another couple of rounds of images from my trip. but before i get to those... i :: am :: glad :: to :: know i am not alone.

i was just writing to liz [who is working on the incredible crane project ] about how taking pictures has changed my point of view. i never would have thought in a million years that i would be this interested in photography. but i am. i never would have guessed at how profoundly looking through view finders would change what i notice in the world, or my field of vision. but... well there you have it.

if you are interested there's an attempt at a post by me over on ship . i am still feeling like words are not with me [they aren't against me either - they just aren't clammering around and putting themselves into pretty little packages].

jason's :: ahoy

jason's :: plant

jason's :: dogheart

jason's :: weeds

it's funny to see these all lined up... the tone is so similar.... happy weekend friends!


kelly said…
It seems as the temperature rises, so does the speed button on my week. End of the semester blow out. Go go go!
blair said…
As weird as it feels, it has occurred to me that I think I am feeling everyone's stressed on their blogs. Not openly, or whiny, but under the surface. No time, what happened? Is it the season? Anyway...

I love your photos so much. Its people like you, whose images I loved so much, that got me interested in being a more thoughtful photographer. I think what we see through the lens of a camera is fascinating on so many levels. One day, we will talk of all this in person, I swear! xo
julie said…
words are never my best friend...Blair said it so well - i love how you look through a viewfinder!! Those weeds even look wonderful!! hugs xxx
cruststation said…
Lovely polaroids lisa, I agree with you about photography (it grows on you...) when the pictures come out or are developed, the view can be different/surprising and more beautiful. Enjoy the quiet.
eshu said…
there are many, many bloggers feeling at a loss for words right now... i wonder why? something in the cosmos? or the change of seasons?

looking through a viewfinder does wonders to the way one sees the world, thanks for the mention (x2)!!

i LOVE it ain't fittin', love it!
shari said…
oh you are so not alone. i'm playing catch up in so many ways. i love what you say about photography. i feel the same way. i can't imagine not taking photos on a daily basis now. love your photos and am looking forward to a quiet moment to read your ship post. sending you a big hug! xox
risa said…
what do you do with your polaroids? do you put them in an albim? or in a box? or display them? i'm always looking for new ideas of what to do with photos...
Kate said…
lovely lovely photos...and I agree about photography, it's always a nice surprise to spot something in a photo after you've actually taken it
bugheart said…
it's strange
to be
a talkative person
that feels
so often
at a loss
for words.
your polaroids
so beautiful.
Karen said…

Even though you are at a loss for words, you still manage to say a lot through your photographs. Keep them coming...
Laurie said…
I will have to go check them out on another computer that will in fact let me view them. I love photography :)
lisa s said…
hi kelly... good luck w/ the end of your semester!!

blair... i know... it's like there's something under the surface... if you figure it out - let me know... and THANK YOU for your kind words. i can't wait to talk to you in person!

julie... xoxo i thought of you as the weeds developed

hi babelfish.... yes - pictures... offer such a new view

hi liz... you are most welcome for the mention - thanks for the great project.

shari... big hugs back

risa - i'll show you next post...

kate... thank you! and welcome! thanks for commenting

gwen - yes yes yes

karen... you are such a doll.

laurie... i wonder why you can't see the photos... are you behind a firewall? welcome to you as well. thanks for coming by and saying hello!
gracia said…
Hee, hee... busily playin' catch up, part "find that week" and "don't tell me May is approaching". Great photos, Lisa, each & every one.
take care, g xo
(P.S. Look out! Next week is coming up the hill...)
amisha said…
you are so very much not alone. it feels like the beginning of april to me... it's nearing the end... i can't believe it. still playing catch up, looking for the quiet moments, searching and trying to hold on.
so much in this post that i loved. your polaroids (beautiful!), the way you write about photography... i feel this way so much too and i am such a rank beginner, but it has already changed me... and words (not putting themselves together in neat packages-- that is exactly it). xo

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