chasing one's tale [if one had one]

hello disney hall

in case you didn't get enough of the blue sky from the last set of photos.

what to tell you? let's make a list ::

you say potato, i say pot-ta-to, let's have gelato

over 100 flavors of gelato!!!!

1. eating desserts and laughing till you cheeks hurt are very good things. till next time wenders , ky , christine [happy anniversary!!], regina [who does great voices], and ms. blackburn who, by the way, made this cake and sangria [dangerous stuff that sangria]:

polenta cake with blood red oranges

2. meeting melissa was like seeing an old friend. we must have known each other in another life.... seeing her gallery space made me excited and nervous about the show i'm going to have there. [in october - please come!!]

3. seeing the andrea zittel show restored my faith in art. oh my was that ever one of the most lovely shows i've seen. what i respond to most in her work is the fact that she is so incredibly conceptual and intellectual and responsible. her ideas are just that good. and then she makes these GORGEOUS things. whoever says conceptual art isn't aesthetic hasn't spent any time with miss zittel's work. i had a big big art crush and it's only bigger now.

4. if you are in the LA vicinity.... PLEASE go see the poetics of the handmade . i walked through this show twice. and i don't ever do that. obsessive, hand crafted beautiful work on a grand grand scale.... just look at this . i really really fell in love with Máximo González's installation [no good pics on the moca website]. i could have spent all day in there....{giant thanks to annabelle who sent me passes to the museum}

5. spending time with my grandma, eating good food, talking politics and of course shopping - is such a treat. especially when you get to go home with these . i got other cool stuff too, but those pants just make me giggle every time!

um... so what else? shari posted our documentary project on monday.... and karen posted our last on beauty section on ship .

the mail has been good to me again of late.... will try to get to that this week. happy hump day! one final shot from down south:

santa monica at night


Briana said…
This town is just a little more blue in your absence...
Abigail said…
Oh man it sounds like you had a blast!!....makes me salivate at all the possibilities in store if I ever do get to do a trip Stateside!

Those lipsticks! woah. Looks like one hell of a show....glad you had so much fun there sweets.

welcome home :) xx
jen said…
sounds like a lovely trip. the gelato alone is enough to make me want to give la a try.
alyssa said…
Here's to your trip down to lala land, so much fun! Exciting to hear about your upcoming show. I'm bummed that I missed the Zittel show. I gotta get to Moca, soon.
Take care.
shari said…
gelato, visits with the la blog girl contingent, and andrea zittel?! wow. what a great trip. :) seriously, we should compare notes on the zittel show. i saw it in nyc and was blown away. xoxo
vegasandvenice said…
Oh my gosh a hundred flavors of gelato and that fabulous poetic show plus lisa solomon ... man LA is LUCKY!

Hugs lovely!
Alison said…
Sigh. Sounds so lovely and warm to be surrounded by friends, gelato and cake.

And I adore the two photos at the bottom. Love them totally.
poppy said…
loved that hammered embossed skateboard! those pants - love! LOVE!

looked all so lovely!
momo said…
yum, Gelato!! ^_^
bugheart said…
what amazing
art links!
sounds like
a fabulous time
in la.
i miss that
cruststation said…
More delicious desserts? I can't bear it!
Please take me to the galleries with you, I love all the artists' work -how wonderful! Hooray for happy mail :)
julie said…
What a great trip with friends and grandmas to laugh with...sounds wonderful!!! xxxx
wendy said…
i agree with brianna...can't wait until october!
Listoria said…
Oh so lovin' those pants - I just bought super wide legged suit pants (with a fabulously cut matching jacket) for work and I could live in them!

I love the colors in the gelato, too.

Sounds like a fantastic visit!

amisha said…
welcome home darlin'... sounds like a fabulous trip! getting hungry for gelato and cake over here... and sangria, heck yeah. i was reading a recipe for homemade sangria yesterday and it sounded so so good.
thanks for the great art links too... the poetics of the handmade looks amazing. friend + family time, art, inspiration, good food... it doesn't get any better. xo
darling said…
The laughter rang in my ears for days.

Come back!
jenifer74 said… friends? sigh...i'm so jealous! good trip!
Karen said…
I LOVE blue skies... I wish we had more of it here...sounds like you had a fabulous time. How did you choose with the many choices of gelato.
andrea said…
very envious of #1 on the list! wish I could've been in on that one!

sandra said…
reading about 100 gelato flavours... almost killed me. what a paradise :)

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