flip flop weather

yup. today it sure is - i love the first day of wearing flip flops every year. how exciting! how's your sunday?

lovely dark deep

friday i went to see lisa and stephanie's show at doe . i love the pic of stephanie's hands because that's exactly what i do at openings when i'm nervous. the show is really amazing. if you are in the bay area you should definitley check it out. [bring a step ladder, though, as everything is way above eye level - esp. for the vertically challenged like me].

if i was brave i would show you the stacks and stacks and piles and piles strewn around my house. almost every surface is covered with something. the packing pile... the book pile... the grading pile... the projects [multiple] in progress piles.... but i'm not brave, so i'll show this instead

red work

when heidi posted about her new sewing machine that could create letters i swooned. i needed an excuse, though, to purchase such machine as i already have plenty of sewing machines that work just fine. luckily the universe decided to oblige me. i got a job with a materials fee and the need for more precise stitch measurement and voila ! the machine is now mine. it also has an amazing array of decorative stitches. if only i had more time to play with it.


the farmer's market had these amazing cherries. yum. and then this recipie for a clafoutis appeared in williams and sonoma's catalogue. so i'm going to give it a whirl later today. we're having a birthday BBQ today. i'm planning on serving the clafoutis with pistachio gelato. yum.....

bye for now!


Sonya said…
Great photos from the Doe opening, I am sold on that camera.
risa said…
happy sunday lisa!
i am very jealous of your new toy.
one day, one day...
whose birthday is it?
happy birthday to him or her!!!
yummy cherry clafoutis!
Briana said…
Cherry clafoutis AND a new schmancy sewing machine? You're killing me.

Who's b-day? Whe is your b-day?

So many questions, so little coffee.

julie said…
i love flip flops or better still barefoot!!! Those cherries look delish and so does your new machine!! I cant wait to see what you produce!!
oh i remember the piles...i bet i have more than you :) xxx
wendy said…
I love how the fabric and thread totally go with the photo of the cherries.
yeah on the new toy...paid for!
such a nice universe!
Vanessa V said…
Can I please come to your house for some dessert? I won't have thaaat much, and I will be polite. Oh, so glad you went to the opening!! Thanks for sharing...XXO,V
sally said…
Hooray for flip-flop season!

I can't wait to see Lisa + Steph's show when I'm out there in June...I'll remember to bring a stepstool. =)

Ooh...and your new sewing machine sounds just lovely.
shari said…
um, yeah. i totally hear you about piles. i have them all around me too. thank goodness that i have some time to eliminate them tomorrow!! a cherry clafoutis sounds absolutely perfect. let me know how the recipe turned out. so excited about your new project and love the photos from steph and lisa's show. i wish so much that i could see it. happy flip flop wearing! xo
cruststation said…
I wish I could see lisa and stephanie's show, it looks amazing! Have fun with your new sewing machine, it sounds cool! About the piles, at least yours are organised piles (mine are looking very messy around the house :)) and those cherries Mmm...enjoy the BBQ :)
hannah said…
this post is filled with so much goodness i dont even know what to comment on! yay for the show!! yay for the new machine!! yay for flip flops and anything to do with cherries!!
Abigail said…
I see that shot of the red thread ends and then the bowl of cherries and I know I am in heaven !!

....mmm, MMM!

bugheart said…
wish i could
have gone
with you
to the show!
i am so
of your new
and i heart
cherry clafoutis.
lisa s said…
hi sonya! yes yes! the D40 would be great too!!! so nice to see you the other night

hi risa! :) father-in-law! :)

briana - hee hee... the clafoutis is right up your alley!mine is in sept :)

julie - i love barefoot too.... i dunno know about the piles - i don't think you want to have a pile off!

wendy - yes - red - red is good... and yes - sometimes the universe is nice!

vanessa - OF COURSE! there's plenty left over!! [no need to be polite]

sally - you'll love the show!!

shari... did you get thru some piles? wish you could have been here for the show

babel... organized? hardly.

hannah... :D yay for you

abigail - red is enticing, huh?

gwen... me too - you have the perfect shoes for the opening.... xo
poppy said…
that show looks amazing, wish i could see it. and yum anything cherry!
amisha said…
i love flip flop weather... and cherries... and the idea of pistachio gelato and bbq :) congrats on the new sewing machine! that looks like SO much fun. mine does straight stitches and zigzag and that is all! xo
gracia said…
That wringing of the hands... so very, very familiar. Mine seem to do the exact same thing even when I will them not to. They are quite disobedient. They also make me feel like a small hedgehog or mole, out in the real world for an afternoon (a feeling I do not like to encourage).

take care, g xo
(Who is enjoying reading your week backwards immensely.)

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