it's wednesday


but i really don't want to believe that. i just got thru the last of my one-to-one meetings with my professional practice students [15 minutes each. they had to present their cover letters, resumes, portfolios and website]. word of the day is consitency. some of them are ready and some of them are not. and i have to let that go. i can only do so much in 10 sessions minutes before they graduate.

above is a photo from the wedding over the weekend. it was hot. it was on a lake, in a vineyard, everything was tinged in earth tones. you can see a bit more here .

squirrel for gracia

this little squirrel - a prize that gracia won {eons ago - i'm so sorry for the delay}. landed safe in the other hemisphere. i think he will be most happy amongst all the critters in gracia and louise's welcoming home....

and i have my own laundry list of thank yous to accomplish:: [deep breath]
recent goodies

from the top.... a surprise [which could really suit me no better] from camilla - or more accurately a hug from sweden. i just sent her a kiss back, so hopefully it will arrive safe too.

row 2 :: books [and passes to moca!!] from annabelle. pictured on a right is a detail of the work of liz larner . also right up my alley.

row 3 - left :: marieke and i traded. swoon. i actually want it to be cold so i can wear the adorable hand warmers. and she threw in so many extra goodies. thank you sweet one!

row 3 - right :: vintage buttons of the most amazing variety from paula

row 4 :: once again dear bablefish has provided eye candy of the UK variety. sigh

row 5 :: the ever so kind abigail sent along absolute delights - more fashion inspriation, some colored pens, her kraft paper prints {!!!} and adorable moo cards, and 2 silk bobbins all the way from france {sigh}. i think they are getting along nicely w/ my giant bobbin, no?

row 6 - left :: i met with lisa c the other week hoping to teach her how to crochet . [i hope you are practicing lisa!] and she brought a bag full of goodies. lucky me.

row 6 - right :: amisha sent along a bar of lilac cocoa butter soap. [that's her picture btw]. if you have been lucky enough to try her soaps - it's hard to go back to store bought once you have. she is travelling, but perhaps with some nudging we can get her to sell her soap sometime soon.

i also need to thank christine who sent the nicest easter goodies - how long ago was that??!! [of which all were devoured] and of which i never properly photo'd.

i have a feeling i'm forgetting someone - so if i have - forgive me. my mind is awhirl. there is so much going on right now i think i might burst - but i'll save that for my next post. [where i will promtply pulverize, shoot out of the screen, and make a mess of all your monitors]


AND.... if you need something to go visit. i just finished helping artist Jen Garrido design/launch her website

is it really wednesday?


bugheart said…
so much
lovely mail...
so so
but that
Listoria said…
Love love love the umbrellas!

shari said…
i love what you chose to capture at the wedding. such lovely images. letting go is good....treats are even better. love to you xo
Abigail said…
Ooh, what a great stack of goodness...!

I do believe le bobine francais et le grand bobine are going to have quite the relationship!! the other spools will talk!! ;)

I know...wednesday! how?

julie said…
what a wonderful post full to the brim with goodies..i love the photos from the wedding - the patterns of the chairs and umbrellas..

and your squirell is beautiful and all of that post...

Enjoy!! xxx
Briana said…
I cannot imagine a person I think more deserving of being swamped and swarmed with tiny objects and beautiful things.

Hmmmm... nope, just you.
cruststation said…
The photos from the wedding are fantastic, I also love what you chosen to capture (you have such an artistic eye). What a great post filled with mail goodness and I am swooning over your amazing, adorable squirrel piece!!
pat said…
I concur with send each giver a thank you shows how thoughtful and deserving you are of the goodies you have received! I also like the well as the birds and other critters you have done in that style of work.....the threads trailing down the page make it seem more life like.
wendy said…
i'll echo what shari said...letting go is good and treats are better.
so much beautiful mail love for you. and the squirrel is so fabulous and perfect for gracia.
breathe my busy lovely friend!!
risa said…
wow! is it christmas in san francisco? i love how you received gifts from so many different people from different places and yet they all seem to go together. i guess that means your friends really know you. how awesome is that.
amazing packages!!!

and your squirrel is just awesome :) what a prize!

is that a toast catalogue that i spy? mmm, i love me some toast. (the catalogue AND the food!)

have a great weekend, lisa!
lisa s said…
hello friends.... you are so kind about mr. squirrel + photos

wendy and shari - thanks for the encouragement to let go

abigail... all i can think of is pepe le peu... the big bobbins saying to the little ones.... fly with me to the casbar....

briana... you know how to make me blush

erin... YES toast. divine!! [on both accounts]
Marieke said…
You are so welcome! That wedding looks great - so does everything you got in the mail! x

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