one more thing....

nothing like working till the last possible minute, huh? before i take off i wanted to announce the launch of a project i've been working on for quite a few months now. and it's something i think many of you will be interested in.

Modern Craft is a new business venture for laura. she is selling japanese craft books, fabric, and zakka of all sort on her site [yes, drool here]. she's still getting the shop up to full speed, but there are already some really lovely things for sale.

i developed her logo and website and got to do some really fun drawings that are featured on the site. [the shop was developed by my good friend patrick of chethamlane using zen cart technology.] working with laura was really great - in fact at this point i'd consider her more of a friend than a client [how lucky that i have a job where this is possible?]

please spread the word and welcome Modern-Craft ! if you want to know the latest on the store laura's also started a Modern-Craft blog [and now i can breathe a sigh of relief and get on my plane]


Caterine said…
hi lisa! congrats on the website. it's a beautiful lay-out : the colors yu choose, your drawings, ... i like it! it's so nice, simple and subtle at the same time.
cruststation said…
Great work lisa, what a wonderful website and thank goodness for Japanese craft books and products made available to a western audience in English!! Yay!
I like the pleasant blue background. Nice.
vegasandvenice said…
Oh beautiful Lisa. Congratulations on the pretty new site and Congratulations to miss Laura on the lovely new business venture!

Now then, I miss you (I started missing you as soon as you announced your trip. I like to get an early start). I hope that you have a fabulous, wonderful, delightful trip!

Hugs and Hugs wonderful one!
Maditi said…
congratulations on the beautiful site!!
love the little hexagons and the fabulous illustrations!!
susan said…
lovely work lisa! we are fans of zencart... works well!
love the site... happy trails!
Vanessa said…
Oh, the shop is lovely! I love the color and feel of the website, Just white and clean with spurts of lovely colors. So dreamy. What a great thing for you to be a part of! xxo
bugheart said…
oh goodie!
i'll make
sure to blow
all my birthday money
miss you
hope you
are having fun!
blair said…
It looks fantastic!!! Bravo to you and Laura. Off to peruse the site now. Better get my wallet....
d said…
beautiful site, images and work in general.
i just linked your site in my most recent post, hope that's ok,

erin scissorhands said…
lisa, it's been almost a month- i miss you!!!

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