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hemlock bud

this little hemlock bud is going to be donated to eireann's auction :: one in ten . this is one of those moments where i'm proud to be part of a community that supports one another. you can read more about it on the one in ten site, but eireann's mom suffered an aneurysm - and is making a miraculous recovery. please please help. there are SO MANY gorgeous things that will be up for sale. [i have my eye on several things].

i am completely overwhelmed by your response to my show. thank you for being interested at all in what i do. it's really wonderful. in the comments a couple of people wanted to know more about the work. i think artists often don't really like to talk about their own work - and i'm no exception. but.... i tried to go into a bit more depth about both the pieces and what i am thinking about in making them. you'll find that in the comments of that last post.

so feeling kind of numbery around here.... i was tagged... by dandelion , kathleen , and initially by hannah for the 8 things about you meme. i'm not very good at these sorts of things, but i'll give it a try....

one «« much to the dismay of my dad, i have no interest in dancing. it's not that i don't appreciate the act of dancing - nor do i make fun of those who go out and cut a rug [in fact i think it's great to be so free]. but it's just not fun to me. the exception to make this rule was that i really liked dancing in obon festivals when i was a kid [i also liked my tap dancing class. a lot actually].

two «« sometimes i wish i was a singer in a band [too bad i can't write a song to save my life]

three «« sometimes i wish i had a trust fund

four «« i loathe exercising - the planned go to the gym kind. i love walking or swimming or any number of other activities - just don't ask to see me in a leotard.

five «« i used to have really really really long hair. to the middle of my back long. this seems so not me now - my hair hasn't touched my shoulders in over 15 years.

six «« sometimes i wish i was a florist. that all i did all day is play with flowers. and NOTHING else.

seven «« i am notorious for making stupid faces at cameras. i hate having my picture taken [it's a bit better if i take a self portrait]. there are countless pictures of me with my tongue sticking out, my nose scrunched, my hands over my face....

eight «« i am a minimalist stuck in a pack rat body. if i could just keep buying stuff and had limitless storage i would probably re-do my house over and over [and clear out a lot of stuff - just put it in rotation]. i love setting up still-lives or finding the perfect thing to balance out a collection. i also hate clutter [but make it and live with it]. ideally i'd have rooms with different flavors : the modern room, the euro cottage room, the bright palette room....

phew - i made it to eight!! i almost thought about just seeing if there were questions anyone wanted me to answer like blair just did. but then what if no one had any questions ?? i don't think there's anyone else to tag, but - if you want to divulge 8 things and haven't already - please use this as your excuse!

anyway - who knows - maybe i'll make it to two posts this week. i'm frantically trying to update my website in order to make an announcement. wish me luck.


Abigail said…
Love the hemlock Lisa....such a great cause too!

I so enjoyed reading your response about the work....I have been looking back at that post [through bloglines] so often...it is just wonderful, and beautiful....plus so many things beside...

Your 8 things. fab. I could have written 2,3,6,7,8 myself....so funny. xox
pat said…
If one can combine numbers in this game, you could get your exercise by taking a tap dancing class. Or do art that involves flowers.

THOSE would be creative solutions!!
bugheart said…
an announcement?
i am so
with you
amisha said…
me too on #8... how does it happen? every so often i get the clear-out urge and feel really minimalist but i am surrounded by stuff... stuff i like :) we'll see. i've packed my 7 small boxes for nyc (e was shocked that 2 were full of fabric!) and minimalism may be around the corner yet.
and the hemlock... beautiful!! the one in ten auction is looking amazing.
shari said…
the hemlock is so lovely lisa. i just love this series.

i am with you on tap dancing...and being a minimalist in a pack rat's body.

hope you have a great week. xoxoxo
meg said…
i wish i had a trust fund, too. i'd have a fabulous, minimalist house (w/plenty of storage to conceal my pack-ratty ways) and i'd spend lots of time making beautiful flower arrangements.

i make funny faces at cameras, too, and for the same reason.
platinum blonde said…
i can so relate to number 8 ...hey that rhymes!
maditi said…
so nice to read your 8 things!!
# 8 made me smile :)
Julie said…
I ditto your number six. Sometimes I want to be a florist. Badly.
julie said…
oh i have been saving your posts to read and still have to catch up on Japan!!
Your hemlock piece is beautiful.
And 1,7, and 8 are for me too!!

A funny list xxx
cruststation said…
This hemlock piece is so beautiful lisa, such a lovely contribution to a worthy cause. Thank you for adding information for your installations, so very meaningful and interesting. I've always loved the inspiration behind your pieces. Enjoyed getting to know you more :)
dandelion said…
I am with you on number 8 - definitely!! Thanks for playing along!...x
Briana said…
Yep. I can rock a mean karaeoke mic though. Sober.
Only sometimes?
Hell yes.
It's long now but I wore it very short for the majority of the past 15 years...
That's why god created the container store.

This only reaffirms that we really are sisters... but I'm a little perturbed that you got all of our parent's creative juju.

At least you do wonderful/beautiful/tantalizing/thought provoking things with it.

lisa s said…
i love that so many of you relate to #8! :)

and bri - yes only sometimes b/c really i think having a trust fund might be just as much headache as not having one... and YOU have plenty of the creative juju - what are you talking about!

thanks friends!
gracia said…
Hee,hee...I'll play guitar in your band if you like, Lisa? I can't play, but were I to do an eight things, that would probably be on it. I also fancy playing a piano accordion though perhaps you wont wish to sing to that.

Working for a spell as a florist many years ago now, I found this to be not nearly as enjoyable as I'd hoped. Early starts and hands submerged in cold water kind of put me off, so I'll leave number 6 to you.

see you, g xx

(me too on #7)
louise said…
I wish I had a trust fund too, or rather a spend me and I'll never run out fund. I also love the idea of #8. Good luck with the web site revamp. xo lj
Karen said…
Love the hemlock pic...it's on my "watching" list on ebay. I am replying to your meme...

1. I love to dance, I dread the day when my only venue will be my living room

2. I love to sing as well, but could not write a song to save my life

3. Don't we all kind of wish this?

4. Me too! BUT I love to also eat lots of carby things so must force myself to do gym-like things from time to time

5. I used to have really short hair but realized my face is too wide/not expressive to rock that style...I do miss the freedom of short hair...

6. One of my favourite activities is going to flower wholesalers and coming up with interesting bouquets

7. I take the worst pictures of myself... I have never been happy with any pictures of me...but funny thing is I don't mind how I look in real life (in a mirror/reflection)

8. DITTO!!!
simple me said…
I'm with you on n.4 and love the idea on n.6

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