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these are the colors for my next installation. i had to pick a title for my show today. nothing like pressure to force you make up your mind. "over the river and through the woods" had been rolling around for a couple of weeks and nothing better had whisked it away... and so there you have it.

i have been procrastinating coming up with my professional practices syllabus for weeks now. i am running out of time on that too. outline done. most readings chosen.... but now it's time to nuance. faculty meeting is next friday. classes start the week after that ! summer over already? wow.

CALLING ALL SINGLE MITTENS [AND GLOVES]. my dear friend wendy announced this plea [one of her current grad students] ::

Please mail your single mittens (lost their mate) to: Jean Pitman, 1541 B Palolo Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816.

They can be in any condition, any size and they can be gloves if that is all you have although I definitely prefer mittens. Include inside the lone mitten this information or a scrap of paper (if you do not do this, I will fabricate this information as part of the piece): 1.) the first name of the person who wore it. 2.) the town/city and country it is being mailed from and 3.) any brief story behind or date of loss (if you can remember). This information will be incorporated into the piece so please remain as anonymous as possible (I will not be using any last names).

If you want to see an image of the final piece/project/sculpture, please include your email address or mailing address, if you want a hard copy of the image.

Please forward this information to as many people as possible. Thank you for your participation. Jean Pitman in Honolulu, HI USA: queemj@hotmail.com and/or jpitman@hawaii.edu

now... since it doesn't get that cold here i'm afraid i can't help jean - but maybe some of you can? i hope so! it sounds like a cool project.

don't forget it's our last post on "magical thinking" by shari today on ship

OK - i'm on break. back to work for me..... i'm hoping to start posting some of the goodies i got in japan... and other inspiration. i'm looking for it right now. anywhere i can find it.

have a great weekend.


pat said…
These colors look great. You have piqued my curiosity about what the project will be...any hints?
shari said…
love the colors you picked for your next show. and the title has me very intrigued. excited to see the details. the lost mitten project is fabulous. i have one wonderful glove with a lost mate...perhaps i'll send it along. happy weekend. xoxo
cruststation said…
Love the colours you picked for your next installation, the autumn colours against the blues seem so appropriate to your chosen title (looking forward to see its progress). You're keeping busy as usual, I can't believe it's almost end of summer, we haven't had that many days of complete sunshine...
The mitten project sounds interesting, hope she collects what she needs soon.
lisa s said…
pat - another doily installation :)

shari.... i hope people send her mitten... i think it's such great idea.

babel...i know - end of summer already? sigh. although here in the bay area our summer really is aug/sept - so i still have a month!

gracia said…
"over the river and through the woods"... hmmm, yes, I like the sound of that. Most poetic, and I'd skip across a river (maybe even wade too), and amble through the woods.
Can't wait to see and hear a little more... g xo
louise said…
I too love the colours you have chosen, and your title is a ripper!
xo lj
simple me said…
the title of your next project sounds very autumnal. can't wait to see what comes out of your brilliant creative person.
I had to laugh at the idea of lone mittens finding a pair :)
amisha said…
hi dear lisa. hoping that you've found some good inspiration for your show... i always feel inspired by my visits here! really loving the colors for the new work. such a beautiful mix.

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