feet week

blue polka dots and red bricks

shash suggested a week of feet photos. i found this in my pile of polaroids to scan.

one of my all time fav feet photos [of mine] here.

feeling kind of quiet. this is like a camilla post.

in which case i should give you a good link :: go play with color


Anonymous said…
Hi cute stuff.
bugheart said…
cute feet...
lady of
the amazing
me too.
of you.
Camilla Engman said…
Hello Lisa, You won't belive this but I acctually wrote a really long comment about my very long last blog posts, and not beeing so quiet in person, saying stupid things is much easier than write them, drinking to much coffee before I meet Lena C in Gothenburg and so on. And then I pressed the button and....nothing :)
cruststation said…
Not knowing it was the 'week of feet', I did a post about Flats! Love your adorable shoes :)
gracia said…
Very cute indeed. So sorry to have missed a week of feet. I have instead been on my feet all week with little time for blogging. I've been a traveling and now I'm keen to hop back to blogging.
Off to check that link... g xo

sorry i haven't visited in awhile. i have been kind of busy, but i'm back now :)

i love all the feet i have been seeing lately! i went through about 5 blogs before i got to one that said it was feet week- at first i thought it was some crazy coincidence!
poppy said…
i missed out on the feet thing too. cute idea! cute shoes!
lisa s said…
hi friends.... can you resist cute shoes? :D

erin! nice to see you back - i see you've been very very busy!!
amisha said…
hello ms. cute shoes. love this photo & the other one on your flickr... i see that you too like cute comfy flats :)
quiet... yes... feeling that so much right now too...

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