it's monday?

hi there. that weekend flew by. this month is flying by. it's already more than 1/2 way over? how did that happen?? i had to wear a sweater in the house yesterday morning so i know fall is approaching. the light is shifting, the weather is shifting....

since shari is on vacation there is no documentary project today.... so instead i thought i'd talk about my friend and fellow artist aida gamez whose website i just finished....

aida gamez

aida's work hits home with me. it's obsessive and delicate simultaneously. she uses found objects and alters them [be sure and check out her stuffed animal pieces]. at one point we wanted to do a show together called road kill and target practice :) too bad that never happened.

and some more japan polaroids... they keep coming!

swan B1

yellow school umbrellas
this is one of my favs from the entire trip. this was in one of the elementary schools.... gotta love the lone pink dissenter umbrella.

hello pagoda
you never know what you might spot when looking up....

have a great day!


mati rose said…
lovely polas... and friend's site & work. thanks for inspiring me on this monday morn:)
risa said…
i love that umbrella photo too. too bad i can't even think of that word these days with out that song popping into my head, "ella ella..."
you should make a little book with your photos. or hang them all over your walls. or mine.
bugheart said…
her stuff
is amazing.
so up
my alley.
your polas
gracia said…
Found objects, all things Japanese, a pale pink rebel and two swans in lying in wait... this post has it all for me!
see you, g xx
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
I love these polaroids, I think the umbrella one is my favourite too. As for September and its rate of passing, I can offer no explanation, except that I suspect the world is speeding up... xo lj
sarah said…
I love your umbrella photo. While in Japan the kids thought I was crazy following them around taking pictures of their yellow umbrellas. A lone non-yellow umbrella is always a good sign that there is a rebel nearby.
Tiffany said…
What a great name for an show! The name alone would make me want to check it out (even if I didn't know what it was all about).

Love the ducky boats pola!
cruststation said…
This year seem to be flying by at lightning speed...perhaps a little frightening? (at least for me)
Love Aida's work, especially enjoyed reading her artist's statement. Beautiful polaroids, there's something intriguing about the way the pink umbrella is standing and placed -is there a story? my mind wanders :)
jenny said…
those umbrellas! divine.
UNIFORM Studio said…
I love the duck boats! They remind me of the duck boats in the Wisconsin Dells....
If you've never been there (why would you have?) think gorgeous natural landscape of river and rock bluffs that's been overrun with touristy kitchy town of wax museums and moccasin shops. and of course the duck boats:)
Its sad but has this strange appeal too...
gina said…
Those boats are wonderful, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing the photos.
wendy said…
those polaroids are fantastic!
& your friend has a beautiful talent.
Annika said…
Is that a Chevy Chase(ism)?! "Remember to look up kids...."
We say that all the time, it's one of life's great truths for us (from such a surprising source).
Briana said…
Maybe a little Japan/Umbrella/Pola tryptic action in the future... so many stellar shots.

Thinking of you! Mom sends hugs.
julie said…
Oh im so behind....Your friends work is absolutly beautiful (well done on the site too :))

I love the altered objects!!!
And your polas CONTINUE to amaze me...
Have a great weekend xx
lisa s said…
hi mati... xo to you

risa... deal. your walls... my polas :)

gwen, gracia, and louise.... :)

sarah - isn't it funny to think about how a color can be rebellious?

tiff - glad you like it - wish we could have done it!

babel - i'm totally frightened. i dunno the story of the pink umbrella... you should tell it!

hi jenny.

yes martha yes!

hi gina, thanks for coming by!

hi wendy, bri, julie!!!!

annika - i never thought of that! but so true! [and looking up is always good!]
amisha said…
hi there my friend… catching up… that is always the story :) i love the way you describe your friend’s work… obsessive + delicate… that seems like it would describe your pieces so well also. and wonderful polas today! that pink umbrella has me smiling. xoxo

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