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button book

happy labor [less] day..... if you are stateside, of course. we are having really nice weather here. it's a treat.

today shari is hosting the documentary project. the word this week was interior....

i have been drooling over my button book [above] from modern-craft . buttons - love. jewelry - love. button jewelry? what's not to love? so i made my own little button concoction.

button ring

i've actually got a pretty good stash of vintage and cool buttons [some from the lovely paula , who recently updated her shop ... i think there might be a few things left ??] i wish i had more time to play with all my buttons.... hopefully soon.....

aranzi machine gun

this cuteness also came in the mail recently. aranzi is just irresistible i think. i love how these little "zines" blend funny pics and projects.... more info on the machine gun series here [they are a CHEAP guilty pleasure].


shari said…
the button book looks lovely. will you be updating underdog with some new fall jewelry soon? xxoo
poppy said…
love that bracelet!
bugheart said…
i have
had a
for buttons.
not sure why.
maybe it
is laura
cruststation said…
Adorable inspiring Japanese craft books, what's not to love? That button book looks amazing!
risa said…
i love collecting buttons. when i travel i love to visit a local flea market, thrift shop, crafts store, antique market, etc. i dream of having jars full arranged by color lining a shelf.
I adore buttons... What is it about buttons that we love so much? They are like little candies with character.... And the zines, swoon... xxo
lisa s said…
shari... i hope so!!!!

poppy - i KNOW. don't you want it?

bug - you and me... and little house? sigh....

babel. it's really a great book. i highly recommend it.

risa. yes yes yes! jars. arranged byt color. yes!

vanessa.... i don't know... buttons are addictive!
Tiffany said…
Oh, but I love the button bracelet!
simple me said…
glad that the buttons are of good use ;)
those japanese books always make me drool.
paula said…
...thanks for the link and for your order :)
true nature said…
oh i hope more goodness comes in the mail for you soon....my fingers have been crossed!

cute cute stuff too./ :) love button jewelry ideas!
gracia said…
Much cute crafty goodness to see.
xo g
louise said…
Paula's buttons are indeed very, very gorgeous. I've got a thing for buttons too. I'm thinking of making a zine on them somehow.
amisha said…
love your button project. i too am fascinated by buttons... not sure what it is about them but the vintage ones get me every time. and aranzi... oh yes. very very cute! thank you so much for that pattern. i just ordered some felt and can't wait for it to arrive so i can play.

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