nineteen :: undone

hello all! time for shari and my documentary project.

this weeks work was chosen by shari . UNDONE.

SHARI'S response

things left undone become the stars of our to do list. often i leave things undone until the very last minute. how about you?

undone 1

our neighbor's house is being painted. the ladder left behind signals that things are still undone.

undone 2

this photo reminds me that there will always be more thing to do. one thing that is out of place, calling out "what about me?" life has become a neverending list of things left undone.

undone 3

incomplete, undone, and seeking my true self, my true purpose. can we, as humans, ever be complete? finished? done?

thank you so much for visiting our project.

MY response

undone :: 002

[my thread balls always come undone]

when shari told me this word i shuttered a little. i think this is the first word where i could only see a sort of negative side to things. i also associate the word with a more mental state of mind. feeling undone or in a state of things undone does not feel "good" to me.

so i spent the week trying to think about why that is. and how do i feel when i am "undone". lost, confused, wrapped up in something that will later seem unnecessary... what does is mean to be done? finished? and is that really a better state? isn't it sometimes the process of "finishing" that is better than the finished product itself?

things left to do on a list, dishes in piles, weeds to be pulled... all these need to be done and leave me wishing for more time. just more time [or that clone]. i try not to procrastinate as it usually makes me more anxious than if i just tackle one [or two or three] tasks at a time. done done done - that always feels good.

but.... in the studio i often leave a piece slightly undone - something to come back to the next visit. i know where i left off and what needs to happen next - this way i can return and just get to work. it's much harder to enter into an "empty" space with no task at hand. ah - i finally found the positive state of undone.

undone :: 001

the very first thing that popped into my mind when i thought of undone was my shoelace being untied. so i drew it.

have a great monday! [by the way - shari - the images you are taking with your new camera are just stunning. i'm so happy for you!!]


bugheart said…
it's os
for me
to see
in undone.
all the words
i associate
with so
much stress...
i imagine
long lists
of things
to do
with nothing
crossed out.
it's nice to
see more
on the word.
but it
still makes
Bitterbetty said…
I think things undone can be a powerful idea.
Motivating or crippling.
But still not done has more potential than unhappily finished.

sometimes 'in the process' is the best place to be.
shari said…
lisa-thank you so much for your nice words about my photos. love my new cam. i really enjoyed reading your thoughts this week. love the idea of leaving behind something undone as a good starting point for next time. and i also thought of an untied shoelace. love your drawing. xoxo
julie said…
Great thoughts Shari on us always being 'incomplete' - i am ALWAYS searching for more..never feeling satisfied. I feel an anti-climax when things are 'done'...
As bitterbetty says..the 'in process. stage is the best.

And agree with Lisa on Sharis photos..And love your drawing Lisa!!
Have a great week xxx
pat said…
I had not thought of it but Lisa's comment about leaving something undone as a way to ease back into it rang very true. THANKS for sharing that! THANKS, too, for the lovely drawings and photos.....
j said…
things undone becoming the stars of our to-do list--that's funny (and true)

the photos are great- that third photo of the person perfectly expresses deep thought and focus and change at the same time.

and love the picture of the thread, the blur- so expressive of undone and the stress.

Lisa's sneakers - what a great drawing!
wendy said…
love that you both found the positive sides to undone...beautiful words & images.
cruststation said…
As always I can't believe a week has past already, and I'm still catching up on reading the shari's picture of an 'out-of-place' bottle, it speaks of unease and disorder. 'Undone', the blurry photo say it all, I believe that the process of constantly reviewing/improving/growing is a positive side -rather than being content or complacent.

Lisa: I love the blurry picture (another similarity with shari's). Having said the above, it is also important to have things done, giving a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Is it a word of duality?
Briana said…
Wow , Shari's photo's are getting out of control. Between the two of you - beautiful shivers.

LS, I have to agree with you about the discomfort of exploring "undone"... and the dicotomy of it being uncomfortable to explore while being a natural state...

Good stuff, friends.
Tiffany said…
Undone is definitely a though provoking word - I mean it really does have the negative connotation surrounding it. It makes me wonder what positive things can be considered "undone" in my life. Hmmmmm.....
louise said…
I like that you found the positive side of undone. It's a word that dredges up a little anxiety in me because I immediately think of all the things undone in my home, and in my artwork. Love all the photos and both your and Shari's thoughts are as fascinating as ever. xo lj
gracia said…
Another great documentary project from two brilliant bloggers. I really enjoyed this slice of the undone earlier in the week. Many things in there to make me smile.
Looking forward, as always, to more, more, more.
see you, g xo
lisa s said…
thank you for all your thoughtful responses. i always feel as though these are the very important 3rd part of this project....


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