27 September 2007

small squares part 2

tokugawa wheelbarrow

why do things just look cuter with japanese characters?

a yellow boat

i think it's so funny that the reflection is clearer than "real life"


i wish our streets looked like a party was going to happen

tokyo teleport

should have gone for a ride [over an hour to get around!]

happy thursday!


Claire said...

I just love your Japan polas. Thanks for sharing.

cruststation said...

I love the polaroid of the boats, reflection clearer than real life...so poetic. Dreams vs Reality?

shari said...

what a treat! i got to catch up on 5 beautiful posts. they all made me stop and take a deep breath. ahh! xoxo

susan said...

wheee! love that last set!

gracia said...

Yep, I just love these Japanese polas of yours. Mirroring Shari, what a treat!
see you, grache

julie said...

Hello, i dont seem to be keeping up with your gorgeous posts...

Love these shots and your words that go with them :)

amisha said...

ahhh! i love that wheelbarrow! :) and the reflection clearer than real life… happens often, no? xoxo