small squares part 3


in asakusa we went on the roof of a less glamorous department store. this one had a playland for the kids. all the coin operated slightly used but still colorful robots, cars, ships were such a find.


it's too bad i don't have the sound that this one made for you....

where robots go to retire

there also was a section of broken toys. so sad, but also so lovely

fushini inari [polaroid version]

this was from the 1000 tori shrine outside of kyoto.

and now i'm off. mylissa from little bird is up here for the weekend and she's coming by the studio to preview the show. and if you are in the LA area.... mark you calendar... October 13th - that's the date of the opening. i hope to see people there [or i will be sad and silly looking standing lonely in front of my art]


freelisa said…
i just love these. they are so dreamy and wonderful.

wish i could get to LA for your show. i'm sure it will be fantastic!
shari said…
i have a sudden urge to visit a shrine. :) hope you have a most excellent weekend. maybe i've already asked but...will you be at the nashville show? if so, t and i are coming!! xoxo
alyssa said…
I'm so excited about your show:) Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful polaroids!
wendy said… that the polaroids seem like they come from an undefined time period.
i'll be there!!
enjoying your amazing art!!
can't wait.
gracia said…
Broken and discarded things always, for me, carry a certain beauty to them. And sadness, too. I love these polas of yours, and, if I could, I'd be there on the 13th with many, many bells.
take care, g xo
louise said…
I promise if I'm anywhere near your opening I'll swing on by. The chances of that are pretty slim, so instead I'll just send you the very best wishes. xo lj
PS Love these photos.
andrea (scout) said…
the robots. oh i love the robots. i really hope the last fella makes a sort of "beep baw bop beep" sound.

and you know if i was anywhere near l.a. I'd be at the show with bells on. :) best of luck!
cruststation said…
I love old fashion coin-operated machines, aren't they adorable and so full of character? So lovely and nostalgic, just like tin-toys. Wish I could be there to see your show in person, good luck with everything!
clara said…
Oh I love old toys! They were certainly fun to play with.
I hope you have a fantastic show! Wish I could go to LA. :-)
susan said…
best of luck lisa on your show opening. would come on over, but sadly, i would be late...
i love that robot!
bugheart said…
hope you had
a good
and got
a little
r & r in.
love the
robot pola!
julie said…
Those robots are so cool and so you! xx
amisha said…
that playground looks like it was made for you! what a perfect find. and oh how i wish that i could visit your show!! one day… in the meantime you must do a show in nyc :) big hugs—xoxo

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