small squares

nijo roof

nijo castle in kyoto [it's funny how the skies all come out gray in my japan polaroids. the humidity rules the air]

all that glitters

it's so fun to see all the perfectly manicured trees. they really do that. all the time

big bell


couldn't help but think of lisa

black and white

this was just on the side of the road. i'm trying to think if we have anything comparable....


Tiffany said…
I just love the ornate detail in japanese architecture and you've captured it so nicely...and with a polaroid to boot!
mari said…
Hi Lisa, I've been lurking around your blog for awhile. I used to live in Japan and I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures there. You have taken some amazing shots, but I found these to be so interesting. Maybe it's the Polaroid camera. And now I'm wondering where mine is...somewhere in the back of one of my storage cabinets, I'm sure...:)
tiel said…
hello, I feel like I have crossed paths with you via flickr and on other people's blogs, but have never actually popped across here to say hello.


your blog is lovely.
bugheart said…
love the
ship pola.
sorry i had
to rush off
cruststation said…
Is there anything comparable? I feel a wanderlust.
gracia said…
Ah, how I want to travel again sometime soon. Beautiful, wonderful glimpses of Japan. xo
amisha said…
those temples are amazingly lovely. and those lanterns (?) on the side of the road… everyday magic! xoxo

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