koumi train station

wishing :: i was in japan again :: walking along a lake :: meandering through the birch trees :: eating sushi :: i had more time overall :: i had more studio time :: i could ease burdens :: i could garden :: i could do more ::

grass birch

hoping :: my show will go off without a hitch :: that certain someones really are interested in my work :: that really someone is going to install an entire tank installation FOR me :: that i'm informing my students and pushing them to grow and think :: that the work for the countess and my show at sq. ft gallery in january will be what we dream it will :: that i can keep all the balls in the air a little longer :: that i keep saying no, or later, or i can't ::

cigarette machine

thinking :: about family :: connections :: distance :: desire :: bargaining :: breathing :: cloning :: value [in terms of monetary worth, in terms of personal worth] :: about how vacations are better than real life ::

iris swing

wanting :: for one minute to be responsible for no one but myself :: to simply sit in the sun with my dogs :: this bag in charcoal :: to spend some time with those i love :: a ride in a hot air balloon :: a long swim in a warm warm pool ::

thought it was time to show some japan polaroids. have a good day!


alyssa said…

This is such a beautiful, beautiful post. The polaroids really make your trip to Japan look like a dream of longing. I hope you get another chance to visit.
pat said…
Sometimes vacations do more than just give us a rest from life's hectic pace. They can also give us perspective about what is important and what is trivial. I have made serious life/career changes after having been on vacation for which I am grateful many years later. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and the photos about this!
bugheart said…
your eyes.
briana said…
I love your thoughts and thinking patterns and polas.

I really want to come up for a quick visit but I'm I keep looking at my calender for the rest of the year and realizing that I'm traveling everywhere but... New Mexico, Dallas, Seattle.

shari said…
it's amazing how many thoughts we can have at the same time. beautiful polas. i'm wishing nothing but good things for you my dear. oh and it looks like i might be road tripping to nashville in january. ;) xo
Tiffany said…
Mmmm...very good polas! This time of year makes me so wanty of more time to play with fabric...*sigh*
julie said…
I so appreciate these hopes, wishes, thoughts and wants Lisa - have been having a lot of similar ones myself recently..
Sending big hugs and hoping yours come true xxxx

ps. beautiful polas!!
lisa s said…
thanks for all the support....

briana - i wish you could make it up here....

shari - i might be there for the opening. fingers crossed!!

cruststation said…
I love your lists, I think it's good to make them (a sort of overview of where life is, and where it's heading). You inspire me to make one for myself...Best wishes for your upcoming shows, I'm sure your work will go down a success :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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