up to my eyebrows

that's what my grandma says when i'm busy.
so true. i feel like i can barely peek out over what's due. SO MUCH due on monday. so on that note i'll get to work and just leave you with more polaroids from japan..... happy weekend!

and oh! karen should be up on ship later today :)

woodenwishes-polaroid version

daisy boats
another one of my favorites


oh how the gold sparkles

the neighborhood we stayed in.....


Camilla Engman said…
Happy weekend xo
susan said…
these photos are just what my "friday" eyes were in need of...
and thanks!
bugheart said…
know the
to have
a good
of you.
i'll call
after monday.
wendy said…
beautiful little japanese dreams...good luck with all you have to do.
pHilip said…
your photos are great!
Aurora said…
Mmmmm. Delicious pics! Love em. xo a
andrea (scout) said…
more gorgeous polaroids.

(after lots of staring at your photos, it seems that in japan, although i have never been, there are always beautiful hanging things, dangling and swaying...from from shoes to ribbons to paper flowers. i can only imagine how marvelous it must have been to see in person.)
cruststation said…
Why does everything from a foreign country look so much better? Hope you are managing your workload and having fun at the same time. Have a happy weekend!
andrea said…
up to my eyebrows... I like that. I really, really like that.

and lisa... your polaroids! love! xoxo
louise said…
Great saying. My dad always says "flat out like a lizard at a watering hole". I love these polaroids especially the third one. Good luck with all your work. cheers, lj
gracia said…
Hey there busy one, looks like you've saved the best polas till last. Love that second one!
take care and mind how you go with all that running to and fro, g xo
great photos :)

the one on the top, are those all tags? so beautiful.

i hope you are able to get everything done. when does rest come for you? sometime soon, i hope.

take care and don't forget to breath.
limonete said…
love de firt one.
laurie said…
i'm so in love with these images lisa!
You could show me photos of Japan over and over forever.... (in a little girl voice) Please tell me about all the delicious food you nibbled again... And the sushi.... Mmmmmmm. xxo
lisa s said…
so glad that the saying and the images resonate with you all too....

erin... those are wooden plaques that people write their wishes on and leave at shrines in japan....

julie said…
Oh your polas just keep on gettin' better!! My faves are the first two!! So your birthday is soon? :) What have you planned?

Hugs xxx
amisha said…
so it is really funny to see how there are never people in your shots, even on the street :) every set of these is a new bunch of faves for me… really loving the tags in this set, and those delicate little… dragonflies? xoxo

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