day one


i am that otherworldly tired. that so tired that you can't quite sleep. that nervous, excited, anxious tired. how will it work tomorrow? after dealing with some technical difficulties today [the paint dried too quick at first... and then i pushed too hard and then at last it started to flow] and tomorrow will there be a night in shining armor who rescues me with new supplies? oh please fairy godmother. i only have 3 more days.

this morning i was pegged. nailed. the bay porter shuttle guy unloaded my box and said - oh - are you going to install an art show? and i wasn't even wearing my paint clothes. how did he know? am i that much of a walking stereotype? like the aging jazz musician in the hawaiin shirt that insists on talking to everyone and in explaining he moved to hollywood when he was 16 and now he gets to play the cool stuff? oh yeah man - that's such a good name for you kid... wow.... i named my kid odalesque... he's such a good drummer.... [this is where i turn up my ipod].

day one

wendy is a dream. i am so grateful for any and all help..... shari did an interview with her today. [which i have to read when i have more brain cells].

shari also hosted the documentary project yesterday

ok... of to sleep. my belly is blissfully full from a lovely meal [shared with my most favorite grandma].... think good thoughts, please..... i probably should not be hitting the publish post button now, but i think the blog has been a little bland of late [oh so sorry] so perhaps tis good to just throw caution into the wind and....


meg said…
you're funny. it will be great! hope you got some sleep.
cruststation said…
Hope everything works out well and that you have had good sleep. I can imagine the nervous/excited energy you must be feeling. So happy to see you have pushed the 'publish post' button, a blog entry doesn't have to be 'perfect' does it? Sending you warm wishes of success for the show.
pat said…
You have "artist" writtten all over your luggage!! I hope the next few days bring you more excitement than stress and a good experience at the reception on Saturday evening.....Think of the little engine that could!
Abigail said…
Oh Lisa - I feel your tired pain. You manage so much....I know I always say it, but you really are like wonderwoman.

And wonderwoman can NEVER be bland. You give us all lessons on how to juggle, and fit in, and accomplish more than should be able to be done in any one set of 24 hours.

You rock, the show will rock. This I know.

...cannot wait to see it :)
Wishing you deep sleeps each night and a contstant stream of cups of tea by your hand, xox
shari said…
ok. first of all...your blog is far from bland! oh, i wish i could come and help you. so glad you were able to have a delicious meal with your grandma. sending lots of luck and good thoughts your way. xox
bugheart said…
you are
wish i could
it will
turn out
i laughed
at your
of you
{and your
wendy said…
we are going to be so amazing today!!
see you soon.
Bri said…
If you need a rush delivery of coffee or art supplies or crochet hooks or ice cream, well, you know the number...

{can't wait! can't wait!}
risa said…
it will all turn out great. i am sure of that. but i'm sure that doesn't help lessen the stress right now. giganto hugs to a never bland blogging and art-making queen!
Karen said…
Good luck! I cannot wait to see your newest work!
sally said…
Hang in there Lisa. I know everything will come together beautifully. Thinking of you. xoxo.
matirose said…
good luck lisa! it will be perfect, even if imperfect. can't wait to see!
gracia said…
Sending those good thoughts and then some. A bucket load of luck to you... it's sure to be marvelous in the end, though, I suspect, that feels too far off right now.
take care, g xo
comfies said…
wish i could see this. so wishing!c
louise said…
Good thoughts... good thoughts... good thoughts... good thoughts... good thoughts... good thoughts... good thoughts... did you catch them? Hope you catch a good night's sleep and everything works out well tomorrow. xo lj
Where have I been? I've been a HUGE fan of your work for MONTHS but had no idea you had a blog??? Gracious, I'm TOTALLY out of the loop.

Anyway, you're fabulous. And you'll do GREAT tomorrow and WOW. Your hilarious, too.


Mind if I add you to my blogroll, Lisa?
Camilla Engman said…
I hope, I'm sure, it all went well.
I'm also sure it looked amazing.
amisha said…
thinking of you friend... i know it all went amazingly well! and you are a fabulous writer even when you're delirious :) hoping that you got good family time, good sleep, and a good opening... xoox

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