the last of the small squares and why i love my studio mates

$100 on 7

on the roof

cones in  asakusa

these are actually 3 of my favorites. it's hard to believe that i took over 30 polaroids... and that my mom is in japan right now! [lucky lady!]

how is your monday? i had to get up to start class at 8am. my husband just laughed at me. do they know you aren't a morning person? tis true. but i will be there, and i will start class at 8am! [we are going to have coffee and tea in class though. it's a seminar so it's OK]. and thankfully this is only once a week. granted i will teach until 8pm tonight, but... better one long day then classes spread out over many days. my new philosophy.

amazing houses

my studio mate left me a magazine clipping the other day. with this image of work from my town my home . a project by yoshikazu yamagata and mafuyu [whose website is just so great].

have you ever had one of those damn! i wish i thought of that moments. this did it for me. i think these are so amazing, in concept, in execution.... yeah.

i actually have a former student coming to help me tomorrow. [gasp! dare i say i have an intern?] this makes me giddy. really giddy. i feel very fortunate. mantra : do not take advantage - make sure he learns something.... repeat repeat repeat....

be sure to check out ship where we are talking about a pig in provence... and go and wish karen and bara a happy b-day [eireann's is in a few days]... i think there are other b-day folks around now too, but....

and jan's new venture poppytalk handmade . SO MANY good things. just too many....


Julie said…
i am definitely not a morning person. but i get up if i know i need to.

an intern? how lucky he is to get to help and learn!

happy monday, and happy october!
bugheart said…
lucky intern.
can i be
your intern?

that piece
is amazing...
i can see
why it made
you gasp!
kelly said…
thanks *so* much for sharing the pics from Japan - they're all so lovely... it would be so wonderful to be able to travel all the time!
meg said…
ohmygod those houses are the coolest!!
amy ross said…
I need to bite the bullet and hire an assistant/intern, too. It feels like a big leap, but there are simply not enough hours in the day to get all the art business done...
shari said…
can i be your distance learning intern? ;) hope 8am class was a blast. how nice of you to bring in coffee and tea. love these last few polaroids. wonderful. xoxox
louise said…
Love the polaroids. Good luck in class, I'm not sure how I'd cope with an 8am class.
xoxo lj
cruststation said…
Your classes sound like wonderful fun even if it's an 8am start :) Beautiful polaroids, hope your mum come back with lots of goodies and things to share.
Love the magazine clipping, the houses are fabulous, especially the yellow and red one in front (so beautiful)!
Janet said…
Love the top polaroid and great links today, Thanks! Love to hear how the internship goes x
julie said…
I would love to be your intern!! Great polas and those houses..gasp!! xx
Anonymous said…
haha hi really like ur blog!!!how do your edit your photo with the warm white frame..sooo nice?!!
cally said…
sympathy on morning classes, but i agree the one long day plan is a good one, i've just had one long day (2 days actually) of hideous form filling, but when it's done i'll feel free and unencumbered.

your polaroids are all just so SO so wonderful. oh, i just LOVE them.

bizarre, i just suddenly got a craving for oreo cookies and cookie dough ice cream - not thought of either for years. must be cause your images make my mouth water with their beauty.
Anke said…
An intern! Lucky you! I'm sure he will learn a lot.

I'd love to see your version of the granny square houses - Can't you make one? :)

xxxooo Anke
lisa s said…
hi julie! :) xo

gwen - i would LOVE to have you as my intern - but you are overqualified!!

hi kelly - thank so much!

meg - glad you like them

hi amy! i'm so happy to see you here. your work is so inpsiring to me!

shari - of course!! you too are overqualified to be my intern :)

hi louise - yeah we'll see how 8am goes

babel - yeah that front one is my fav too

hi janet... i'll definitely keep you posted on the internship

hi anon - thanks! the boarder is just the regular border of polaroid pictures :)

hi cally.... so nice to see you here... xo [oh no on the form filling]

hi sweet anke - i guess i could huh? i'd love to see what you did with one.... xo
amisha said…
that project is amazing… yes i have those damn i wish i had thought of that moments all the time :) and an 8am class! yikes. i thought my 9am classes (4 days a week) were bad. but it sounds great nonetheless… so cool to have a senior seminar where people really want to be there (e says the same thing about his english classes… always better to teach electives!!) and an intern on top of that. good things all around! thinking of you sweet lady. and happy birthday… has it passed already? Xoxo
life in yonder said…
Poppytalk...a dangerous place, way too many "must have's". Oh , I am so haååy and so sad for discovering this place :-)
limonete said…
i just love your polaroids.
sandra said…
your polaroids are wonderful. love the colours in them.
Miho Sakato said…
wow! i like mafuyu's work too.
i will visit to see 'my town in my home' to the museum in tokyo this weekend.
thank you.

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