work work workAday

workAday part1

better at the original size
from left to right:

jonn herschend
michele theberge
lauren davies
connie begg
lorene anderson who was my co-curator
robert ortball

workAday part2

yes - if you want to see anything original is better

from right to left :
tracey cockrell
sylvia min
freddy chandra
james sterling pit
cynthia innis

so lets work backwards [mostly because i was able to get through these images first! i'm still working on the over the river shots. it's hard to figure out how to represent an installation accurately].

the workAday opening was really fun. practically all of us know each other in this show - i chose people mostly i went to grad school with and lorene chose people that both of us knew [i even taught with one recently]... so it was a chance to see friends if nothing else.

both lori and i had done daily projects in our studio. we wondered what it'd be like if we proposed that parameter to artists we knew. there is something about the pressure and also complete lack of pressure of making a work in a day that is daunting and freeing. i kept hearing over and over that this project really changed an artist's approach to something else they were working on. i guess what i'm saying is that if you've thought about setting up a project like this for yourself ... DO. i don't think you'll regret it.

four weeks of drawing a day

i showed week 5, 3, 45 and 52 of the drawing a day series.

there's another opening for the show on Friday Nov. 2nd from 7-10pm - so if you feel like coming out..... the show is up at Blankspace Gallery through Nov. 19th. if you want to learn a bit more about jonn, james and tracey's pieces [and see an HORRIBLE picture of me] go here . timothy buckwalter also wrote a little something on the show....

i'd really like to thank a bunch of folks for talking about my show at little bird gallery. i was thrilled, honored, and touched by the mentions.... so in no particular order.... and if i forgot someone please forgive me [and/or let me know] my brain is still ridiculously fried from the last 2 weeks..... apartment therapy LA , daily candy LA , whip-up , diesel art which was due to poppytalk's jan! , marshall astor , design*, and hopping for happy accidents [and because of k.c. i'm thinking lindesy adelman and i should have a show together??] hmmmm

so shari i think i'm finally ready to return to the documentary project next week... game???

have a great tuesday!


hannah said…
love seeing your bits up there on bulldog clips. and of course i clicked to see the horrible picture. could be worse. :)
wendy said…
oh I love this...and an introduction to a bunch of amazing artists!!
thank you for all your inspiring hard work.
Abigail said…
It all looks really wonderful - congrats Lisa!! :)
shari said…
oh lisa. you are a constant source of inspiration. and yes, next week. i made a little video for our word today. :) xox
timothy said…
I think that is good picture of you on NovoMetro.
Julie said…
maybe it's just me, but i can't view the exhibit shots at all sizes. looks great from here though!
alyssa said…
First off, that picture of you is so cute:) It shows a glimmer of your wonderful smile!
Your curated show looks lovely! I just can't get over how amazing your wall looks! I love the feeling of weight that the drawings have, because they're only a fraction of all the drawings you made for that year. It's like your wall of drawings have the weight of history, or ancestors, something you can't see, but feel. Am I making sense:)?
amisha said…
congratulations on all of these wonderful things... the great press, the exhibitions, all of it!! (i thought your pic was cute too :) ) i really love the idea of the workaday exhibition... both scary and freeing... loved seeing all the different interpretations of it too.
bugheart said…
so interesting
to see
what pieces
you chose...
love the idea
of a drawing/work
a day
if only
i could find
for it.
susan said…
absolutely wonderful!
i hope you are resting a bit now and soaking it all in. really inspired lisa!
cruststation said…
Great exhibition shots, I love the workAday pieces you show here in particular. What was your experience working this way compared with work that is planned well-ahead? I'll be catching up with you by email soon.x
lisa s said…
hi friends... thanks for all the kindness - esp re: the photo.... ha!

babel - working quick is actually really freeing. i think most of the artists agreed. the one thing i kept hearing again and again was how this project influenced the other stuff happening in the studio. that was my reaction too.....
julie said…
Ive missed so much over here..oh my!!
How did you choose only 20 drawings? They look really good hung up together.
Congratulations onputting all of this together.

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