drawings from over the river

bed drawing :: beds in poppyland
bed drawing :: beds in poppyland, 2007, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on Duralar, 18” x 8”

as promised. here are some drawings from my show. i'll show the other 1/2 next week..... thank you SO much for your enthusiasm about the show.... and your willingness to help me with trees. that brought such a smile to my face. i hope i can take you up on your offers of help !!

the drawings for the show also all dealt in some way with the "natural world". i looked for wallpaper or patterns that exemplify our desire to bring the outside in. and since i imagine the beds and chairs as representations of people.... our longing to be outside and one with nature... and connected to one another. the whole if chairs had a memory idea.... i also decided to represent nature with the doily so there are clouds and trees that are made up of doilies.... you get the idea.

chair drawing :: fly me away
chair drawing :: fly me away, 2007, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on Duralar, 8” x 8”

i thought of myself as the chair in this one.

a small doily tree forest
a small doily tree forest, 2007, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on Duralar, 17” x 11”

doily drawing :: clouds
doily drawing :: clouds, 2007, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on Durarlar, 25” x 40”

chair drawing :: once there was a yellow chair
chair drawing :: once there was a yellow chair, 2007, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on Durarlar, 25” x 40”

i just got back from a lovely excursion to Heath Ceramics with amy . it was so much fun. it's so close to me. this is dangerous. photos next week....

i also posted on ship today.

finally - i'll be at blanksapce tonight for a few hours for oakland art murmur

have a good weekend!


eshu said…
wow Lisa... those are all so amazing.

i'm floored.
Bri said…
Oh. My. God.

I love Fly me away. Absolutely love it.

And oooooo, you went to Heath. When I am up north, please do not let me go to Heath. I covet their tiles, bowls, chez panisse line... their style, color palate, anything they touch...
Kathleen said…
beautiful lisa. i love "once there was a yellow chair"--gorgeous as always.
Claire said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
louise said…
Fantastic work Lisa. I wish I could get over there so that I could have a closer look.

Hope you have a great weekend too.

xo lj
julie said…
I love the wallpapers and the clouds...and the intensity of the colours - especially the first piece - a favourite xxx
jen j-m said…
three cheers - your work is amazing.
shari said…
loving the nature patterns so so much. and the doily clouds and the doily trees! beautiful work. xox
xtina said…
o lisa, I am in love with the cranes carrying that chair. o o o!
amisha said…
my heart skipped when this opened on my screen... i don't really have the words but... wow. really really love all of these, the colors, the dreaminess, the memories (my parents had wallpaper very much like the one in fly me away... it was made of reeds! very outdoors-in :))
gracia said…
"fly me away" and "once there was a yellow chair" are so very beautiful... they are, from looking at the screen, two firm favourites of mine. I wish, wish, wish I could see the show in person and I am keen to see the second instalment of pics. Congratulations, Lisa!
take care, g xoxo
risa said…
really, really amazing!
jenny vorwaller said…
i love those poppies! :)
Shell said…
Thanks for sharing these - they are gorgeous!
Catherine said…
Beautiful drawings, I particularly love that first one!
Jessica said…
fantastic prints...
Just lovely. And want to hear the spooky thing??? My Mr. Lovee had some curtains put in his room before he knew me. He chose them himself as he loves nature and flowers, and they are idetical to those poppies!! Isn't that funny???? Not exactly identical, but pretty close!! I should take them down and send them to you as a souvenir ;) LOVE THAT!!! xxo
jenifer74 said…
i am oh so in love with your poppyland beds...oh my. those are just wonderful lisa!
bugheart said…
at a loss
for words...
i feel
like the chair
the birds
are go
in opposite
cruststation said…
Sigh...your work is too stunning for words.
Beautiful thought processes and execution.
wendy said…
oh so so amazing!!!
feel so lucky to have scene then in person.
beautiful works.
Shannon said…
Oh my god! the one of the beds and the poppies just kills me - SO BEAUTIFUL!
Lisa! I'm speechless! Great stuff.

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