goings on

hi there.

i'm going to try and get all the self-promotional stuff done in one post here.... :)

here goes::

letter press print #2

new stitched letterpress prints are available in my shop

pattern pattern pattern

a green and yellow argyle tank installation - not put up by me [gasp!] will be on view at women and their work in their show pattern pattern pattern. it looks like a really nice group of artists.

i hear that kim and alyson might be going. let me know what you think ladies!!

holiday shop

some friends and i are selling some goods!

Please come by on Friday December 7, from 2-7pm or
Saturday December 8 from 10am - 4pm

support and buy handmade!

5528 Dover Street - please enter on 56th street
Oakland, CA 94609

or if you can't make that sale, there will be some stuff at


at blankspace gallery
6608 san pablo avenue, oakland, california 94608 • 510.547.6608

Holidayland «« December 7 - 17th

Holiday First Friday Reception «« December 7, 7-10pm

underdog ink jewels

i'll have some new underdog ink goodies with me. some are already on the website - and new shirts will hopefully be done JUST IN TIME [phew].

beholder's favorite things

and if you want to have some fun in San Francisco....

who : suzanne at the beholder

what : curated a show with some of my paintchips

when: Friday December 7th 6-9pm

where: DISH in Hayes Valley 151 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA

why: It's the Hayes Valley Holiday Block Party

OK - now i have to go back to organizing stuff for all these events.... have a great friday!


bugheart said…
how do
you find time
to breathe?
it all looks
so lovely.
wish some of it
was while i am
in sf.
but then you'd
be busy
and we wouldn't
run off to look
at ceramics
or buttons.
wendy said…
I'm with gwen, I really don't know how you do it all...and so beautifully & thoughtfully!
you are my hero!
wish I was up in sf to see it all too!!
Anonymous said…
i love your new print, Lisa!!

oh, and those polaroids!! marvellous!! remember i asked you about polaroid cameras?? i'd like to get one for myself (for x'mas or my birthday (oh, excuses...))...what is a good model for beginners? i like those "polaroid-kind-a-old" effects!!

thanks in advance!!

joanna (momo)
louise (elsewhere) said…
I've heard of busy, but you are really, really busy! Congratulations on all your events and good luck with everything. xo lj
Babelfish said…
Stunning work as always, loving the new jewellery at Underdog Ink, wish I could time-manage as well as you do!
risa said…
i can't wait to get my print! and the black button ring...very tempting!!!
gracia said…
So many wonderful & good, good things. You are such a busy ol' soul... g xo
dandelion said…
wow lisa, you have so much going on! hope to hear all about it and see lots of pics of course!!...x
andrea (scout) said…
here i am, kicking myself for no longer living in oakland. there was a time (not too long ago) when i could've walked to your exibits!ah the cruelty of time and place, and a pesky 1000 miles.

i wish you the best of luck with everything! remember to breathe deeply and have many burritos on mission st.
julie said…
So much going on for you? Do you sleep? :) Sounds like lots of fun xx
lisa s said…
hello friends... i have to sleep or nothing gets done!

andrea - i wish you were still here too - it'd be so nice to meet you!

type soon
Lisa, you never fail to impress!
amisha said…
you are a rockstar. how i wish i could zip over (and back in time) to visit you at one of these shows... sigh... one day!! xox

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