over the river - the end

chair drawing :: fromthevine.jpg

the last three drawings to show you.

i am overwhelmed by your kind words on the work. THANK YOU. it's so daunting and scary to put work out there. it's like you hold your breath for the response. and so i really really appreciate the time that you have taken to look and respond. it means a lot.

chair drawing :: from the vine, 2007 watercolor, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on duralar, 12”X23 1/2”

the one above was my attempt to meld the chair and the wallpaper - it's like the design grew from the chair [which is an anthropologie chair by the way]

bed drawing :: a green bed in grass

this one was also a hope of mine....

bed drawing :: a green bed in green grass, 2007 water color, colored pencil, thread/embroidery on duralar, 9”X12”

can't see the doilies through the trees

can't see the doilies through the trees, 2007 acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, thread/Embroidery on durarlar, 40” X 25”

shari hosted the documentary project yesterday. i was so excited by her take on our word :: squished.

have a good tuesday!


risa said…
i recognize the astrid chair! (is that totally sick that i've memorized the names of anthropologie furniture?)
but the piece i love, love, love is the bed one. soooooooo beautiful. i can't take my eyes off it.
Sonya said…
Lisa these are stunning. I am loving the transparent effect of the durarlar (that is just fun to say, rolls of the tongue) creating layers and spaces. The bed is my favorite. Risa and I will have to arm wrestle for it.
mariss said…
It is scary, but no need to hold your breath, since all of your work is gorgeous! Thanks for having the courage to put it out there.
Camilla Engman said…
Lisa they are wonderful. Like a dream.
michelle said…
absolutely lovely, the bed one is like a dream, i love these newest works! Congrats!
bugheart said…
were these
the last
that you
in the series?
seems somehow
that they
show the
between inside
and outside...
the most
i just
adore them.
nicole said…
hey, just found you. I'm really feelin' the top one. it's happy & gorgeous.
wendy said…
i think the bed & grass is one of my favorites...love the blue wallpaper with it as well.
stunning work.
sally said…
Thank YOU for sharing your work with us. The detail in your pieces are simply amazing. Can't see the doilies through the trees...my favorite. =)
mary said…
oh, lisa, i don't think i can adequately express to you how much i adore this new work. it's amazing.
pat said…
ditto, ditto, ditto from me regarding the elegant beauty of your work! I am so pleased you are courageous enough to put your work up for all of us to enjoy. THANK YOU!!
hannah said…
oh yes, so glad you shared with us. i'm curious though which one is your favorite?
Jessica said…
your color palette is amazing!!! i love the yellows and oranges mixed together.
dandelion said…
lovely lovely chair! - and like jessica said - the colours are divine, so autumnal...x
deerseason87 said…
LOVE the doily trees!!
Stephanie said…
I hold my breath when I see your work....like if I breath it will disappear. Oh how I wish I could see your show in person!
cruststation said…
What if furniture actually melded into nature's surroundings? a beautiful fairytale image (I love this chain of thought). Love them all, the trees in particular.
Blair said…
Lisa, I love the colors, the images, and the drawing with the thread, this whole series is just breathtaking to me. I hope to see it all in person one day.

Hope you are well, miss our lazy days of emailing when we could ignore life's obligations. Well, sort of...you know what i mean..xo
cally said…
Oh Lisa, this work is so beautiful I can hardly bear it. I seriously considered getting a loan to buy the grassy bed, it is the most divine work I've set eyes on.

The entire show is such a delight, it's fantastic to see where you are going with your work, the thoughts and ideas behind it all - you fill me with joy!
julie said…
So late again to visit and say the word 'beautiful'. The colours are so good xx
amisha said…
i just don't have the right words to explain how these move me... i look at them and my heart is just... full. i love them.

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