small things, fake birds, etc.

sketchbook mums

i had to draw them .

today i made a list of things i need to get done [funny that one thing on the list was make a gift list. a list contained. why do i find that so funny? i'm a dork]. i got scared and had to bury said list in the bottom of my purse. i might have to micro manage my lists. that seems pathetic [dork, again]. but then again derek and lauren make it [multi-listing] look so so good .

i fell in love with this little camera. it's so darn cute. it would make me feel like agent 99 from get smart. do i need another electronic gadget? no. but i have such a love of mini mini things. hmmmm.

shybird by Nathan Lynch

i went and saw my friend Nathan's show at johansson projects on friday. it was stunning. these sad and comical minimal birds wearing fake beaks. who are they trying to be? the subtle contrasts in textures and colors and the absurdity just hit me in the right spot....

funky finds just posted a stitch re-cap [so many great crafty things! i have to go back to finish clicking to all the stuff] and she's offering a a giveaway just comment on the post!

lastly hannah asked me about what offset printer i used... answer is in the comments of the last post....


louise said…
Micro managing your lists, you're giving me ideas. I don't think it's dorky at all... does that mean I'm a dork too? xo lj
you crack me up, lisa.

derek and lauren really do make multi-listing look fabulous. i can't wait to make one and hand it to my husband- his reaction is sure to be priceless. maybe i'll make one today- i feel the need to use some of my pretty paper.

have a great day and happy listing :)
wendy said…
I have lists scattered around the house, one on the kitchen table, one near the tv, one in my room, plus I just bought a board to write big project lists one.
i love nathan's beautiful!
bugheart said…
i am
of lists.
but i
bury them
. . . . .
i too
matirose said…
you are the best kind of dork ever. i can relate. have you heard about the to do list book that is compiled of to do lists?
hannah said…
i am addicted to those tiny one inch post it notes. i will jot down the four things i need to get at the store, then stick it to my person and away i go. i love lists and grid paper. thanks for the printing tips! i think it might have to be the way to go this year. which is sad kinda.
amy ross said…
Love the mum drawings! Sort of moody and fraught. (Or am I projecting???) Are they on Moleskine? I just bought my first one... sort of late to catch on, I do admit.
lms said…
lisa, regarding the doily dress of a couple posts ago, have you seen this sweater:;jsessionid=40F9EAB1CC9EE0E555F293ECFE98D361.app11-node6?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&id=13920814&parentid=W_APP_SWEATERS&sortProperties=+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=3&navAction=poppush&color=
lisa s (from the other side of veteran avenue)
UNIFORM Studio said…
those drawings are lovely!
lists are good - I wish I could make them. I'm a terrible list maker, and I have a terrible memory -not a good combo.
elly yap said…
Your pencil work is gorgeous, I love the texture. :)
dandelion said…
ooh i do love lists... but they can make me anxious too so then i make a list of things to calm me down...
julie said…
oh i love your drawings - thanks for showing us!!
And those birds are really beautiful..are they made out of wood and ceramics? so

ps thanks for your comments on my houses image - its a new fave..the inks are doing something to me :)
gracia said…
Yes, you really had to draw them and I am so glad that you did.
see you, g xo
lisa s said…
louise - i'd never consider you a dork!!!

erin... i'm glad i make someone laugh! :)

wenders.... yeah - nathan's work is amazing

gwen - with you on the hyperventilating

hi mati - NO - i have to find that book!

hannah - oh ME TOO. i use those all the time.... and then i feel bad b/c they seem wasteful.

amy - no - you are right. moody and fraught for sure. and yes moleskine. never too late....

hi my twin lisa! :) thanks for the sweater think [i think]

hi martha. thanks. i think your lists would probably be really interesting

hi elly - thanks!

hi dandelion... i like that idea!

julie - yes - wood and ceramic. they are so beautiful..... i'd love to see more of you + ink!

hi gracia.... :) knew you'd understand
cruststation said…
Love your beautiful 'mum' drawings, so delicate and sensitive. Great find on the camea, I'm tempted :) *Lists...I need to learn how to use them effectively.
amisha said…
i love those drawings.
and i am the queen of lists... mini lists, meta lists (yes making lists is on my list at the moment)... i have been doing e-lists lately and i am here to tell you it is not as satisfying as a good ol paper and pen scratch that puppy off when you're done. time to go old school again.

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