twenty-three :: happy

hello friends. it's time for another installment of shari and my documentary project. we've decided to post it every 2 weeks in this holiday season. speaking of which - have you read all of shari's amazing holiday guide interviews? wow.

our 23rd word was chosen by shari and it's: HAPPY {by the way - we are going to try and write less - use more sound or video or images - not sure if i'll be able to keep my big mouth closed, - or wait should i say hand from typing.... but....}

SHARI'S response::


nature: big skies and big trees bring happiness.

happy 2
a happy accident. i love the unexpected bits of happiness that pop up
during my day.

happy 3
autumn. my favorite time of the year.

handwritten happy
lately, handwriting has made me very happy. i asked t to write happy and then i did the same. handwriting is much like a fingerprint and i like the idea of individual voices being heard through the handwritten word. it is something that is missing from type; everyone's voice looks
the same. this idea of seeing different voices through handwriting makes me very happy. the idea is swirling in my head and i hope to turn it into some sort of project soon.

MY response::

the first thing that popped into my head was a song. so i sang it .... [can't believe i'm letting you hear this]

happy is one of those almost indefinable terms. and so i offer a list - an ever changing always expandable list...

happiness is:: sitting in front of fires, holding hands while sleeping, the sound of purring,

dreaming of....
quiet moments of contemplation,

feeling loved, making a leap, trusting, allowing time for oneself, big skies, surprise gifts,

happy - pets

new shoes that you just have to wear everyday for a week, polaroid film, a really really good latte,

happy - eating
being pampered and treated to amazing meals by my husband

more soon. have a happy monday/tuesday.


alyssa said…
Seriously, are you showing off:) You have the prettiest voice! Lisa aka Songbird Solomon.
pat said…
You are blessed to have so much happiness in your life...especially the husband who feeds you and the pets who must adore you!!
dandelion said…
oh lisa! how can it be fair that you can be such a talented artist AND have a voice like that? that was so beautiful - i was really really moved... and the pictures and words - i couldn't agree more about what happiness is...x
bugheart said…
this post
tom & shari's
lisa's song
me happy.
risa said…
you should hear me sing! ahhh!!!
but i could cook you up a decent meal. i'm really working on becoming a better chef as lately spending time in the kitchen makes me very happy. :)
Joy Madison said…
I'm so glad you sweet! My brother pegged it as soon as you started...."dude, she's covering Jenny Lewis!"
shari said…
you have a lovely, lovely voice. we should meet up for karaoke. ;) loved your take on happy. xox s
wendy said…
oh I loved reading & hearing about happy.
lisa - you sound fantastic!
cruststation said…
I feel happy just reading this post, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :) shari - love the autumn leaves shot (they look like confetti). Excited to see where the handwriting project will lead...
lisa - thank you for letting us hear your beautiful voice, it's ethereal!
Blair said…
I love what Shari said about our individual handwriting, and I think I definitely have days when my handwriting feels "happy". But I really need to know when Lisa Solomon's CD is coming out, cause that song made me feel very happy!
Karen said…
Oooh...autumn and handwriting make me happy too...this post made me happy... Thanks for sharing as always!
OH, Happy is a really wonderful thing. Just thinking of happy makes me happy!
Thanks for your comment--- I'm honored to have the great Lisa descend upon my blog!!! :)

All jokes aside though, you deserve all the credit in the world. Thanks for inspiring all of us!
Julie said…
i love both responses. reminds me of the things that make me happy. and then, i feel happy! and boy, you can sing! well! :-)
Listening to you sing that song gave me goosebumps.

Lovely, lovely.


julie said…
Oh my gosh Lisa what a beautiful voice - was smiling the whole way through. Sharis and yours happy's make me so happy too -
the shoes...just a week? :) xxx
Anke said…
What a wonderful theme and voice! Now I can finally put a avoice to the face to the blog to the friend...It was so beautiful it made me HAPPY, too!
amisha said…
oh, oh... this all made me so so happy! lisa, your voice is *beautiful*... that song brought a tear to my eye (and i cry when i'm happy!) beautiful lists, beautiful images... and yes yes to shari's thoughts about handwriting! i fell in love with e the moment i saw his handwriting. to this day it makes my heart leap a little to see it.
gracia said…
So beautiful to hear you, Lisa. I am at a loss for words.

One thing I do know, Shari, is that, yes, "big skies and big trees bring happiness".

Lovely, you two...
g xo
Tiffany said…
Lisa, WHAT A VOICE!! Oh, that was so amazing - you rock!

And Shari's picts were quite lovely - but then, she really has that photographer's eye and just knows how to capture moments.

lisa s said…
ok... i'm seriously blushing.
thank you guys.
i'm glad that what makes us happy makes you happy.

i've got that warm fuzzy feeling now...

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