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the famous bug was here last week. i was so happy to have her around. i feel kind of bad as i was buried under a big old pile of stuff i had to get done. but being ever so accommodating miss gwen went with the flow. i feel very very lucky to have such a friend - it's not every day that someone says - i just want to be with you. so whatever you need to do, we'll do. and it's not every day that i feel comfortable allowing someone into my space like that.

gwen is a pretty special gal.

we sewed :: we graded :: we had dueling laptops on my dining room table :: she knitted :: she sewed :: i sewed :: we chatted :: we ate :: we had tiki drinks :: we met up with lisa c and diana . she had the brilliant idea to use my tanks on some skirts....

you can see those and read gwen's take on our adventures over here

we didn't just work. we did play [otherwise we'd be dull girls].


i took her to the secret button store. i was only supposed to look as i have buttons from my last visit there i still haven't used, but alas. i succumbed to temptation. i think the blue ones will make a necklace and the bakelite orange ones will become pins....

heath {polaroid version}

we also went to heath . i think i'm the official bring everyone from out of town to heath wagon. the lady in the store even recognized me from the visit with amy!

above is a shot of their colorway chips and a wall of their plates. i can't say enough about how good their aesthetic is. so good that they carry miss sally's cards!

gwen - come back - anytime...


i'm kind of in a bah humbug kind of mood. no decorations this year. just can't fathom it. i have one more big stack of grading and a few more holiday cards/treats to get out. and the big push for my nashville show. almost almost almost. i've had no time for posting here, movies, flickr, reading [barely getting to blogs], real shopping, taking photos [i miss this so much], or.... but i'm letting it all go. there's only so much a single human can do, right?

i do feel like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel if i squint. yup. there it is.

ok - off i go to tackle my lists. type more soon.....


wendy said…
there really is so much one girl can do...even if she is as awesome as you!
so glad you got some time with gwen!!
doesn't life seem insane this year? I love that you have such an amazing friend! That is really special , to have that in life... Also, drinks fab! Annnnnd, your buttons are more than wonderful! I would not have been able to resist at all!!!! xo
gracia said…
Ever the busy one, you are! I am happy you had someone extra delightful to share it with... g xo
louise said…
So glad to hear that you two had a lovely time together. Good luck with our work load. And bah humbug away, nothing wrong with that. xo lj
shari said…
your time with gwen does sound special. love the felt tank skirts! i hear you on the lists. tom has been helping me and we're about caught up. however, the cards are definitely going to be new years/ winter greetings instead. xox ps: countdown to nashville! so excited.
Alison 6.5st said…
The wonderful thing about the light at the end of the tunnel is that with every second, the light gets inperceptively bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Till it shines.

Just being with someone sounds like relaxed joy :)
Blair said…
I really love the idea that friendships like yours and Gwens all happened through blogs. It makes me remember why I get so much out of all this. The skirt collaboration is really wonderful, I just saw it over on Flickr.

And as for no decorations. I secretly plan to do that one of these years. Kids sort of get me off my duff, but sometimes I'm like "all this work for, like, 3 weeks!" Do I sound cynical? I don't mean to, just that decorations don't make the holiday. Good friends (like Gwen) and family make the holiday, which you already know. xo
amisha said…
the light is just around the corner...
thinking about you in the final push. and so glad you had a great visit with gwen. sounds like such a good good time. xoxo
dandelion said…
the skirts are great - i saw them on bugheart's flickr pics and instantly recon=gnised your tank design! love them... i hope you can chill a bit over xmas and see more of that light at the end of the tunnel...x
Babelfish said…
How wonderful to have gwen around to keep good company. I know exactly what you mean about this Christmas, I am so unprepared (did this year just flash by?) Not putting much decorations up either, my studies have thrown me off course, but feeling challenged and fulfilling a dream at the same time...I am also warmed that you sent me something in your busyness (I owe you one)!x
cally said…
so glad you guys had such a good workable time, it says as much about your friendship as hers that you trusted her when she said it was ok to just do what needed done, if people believed that more I'd see a lot more friends than I do.

i hope your graded passes fast so you can have some time for doing WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE, yeah baby!

i wish that for all of us. i was feeling pretty bah humbug too, till the frost came and i could feel my christmas spirit stir a little, enough to get my camera out actually, not that i've uploaded any pics yet, but it felt good to finally take the thing out for 20 minutes - a real treat in these crazy days.

be well sweet lisa, you sparkle like frost in the sunlight. ox
oh! those buttons are fabulous.

i know what you mean about the bah humbug thing. we did manage to put up a handmade tree in order to TRY to get in the spirit, but it's just not happening. we move the day after christmas so i think that has a lot to do with it.

i'm glad you and gwen had a great time. she is such a gem, i just love reading her blog. hope you guys can meetup again sooooon!

happy holidays, don't forget to RELAX.
bugheart said…
thinking of you
and hope
you are getting
close to
it means
a lot to me
that you
were willing
to share
the little time
you had
with me...
ps it's weird
to see oneself
from the back!
sally said…
Oh, I'm so happy you + Gwen had a wonderful [and productive] time together. Good friends [no matter how you meet them] are a precious gift!

Next time I'm in town we'll have to visit Heath together...I could spend all day looking at their beautiful tiles.

Merry Christmas, Lisa!!!

maditi said…
looks like a great time together , really love the heath ceramics polaroids of course!!
there´s a light at the end of the tunnel hopefully soon :)
julie said…
I loved how you describe this perfect friendship - sounds like a lovely time spent together.

And i really think you deserve some time out...thaks for those peeks in xx
comfies said…
lisa, i have it my head that somehow i'll find a way to meet you in 2008! could i be that lucky!? thank you again for your tips and helpful information when i was in japan. and i'm so inspired by your artwork - thank you for that too. you WILL get through this busy time and come out the other end: here's wishing you time to reflect, create, blog and enjoy the successes of your life in the coming months! xo danica
poppy said…
sounds like a nice visit!
shisomama said…
i've been meaning to get to the secret button store forever, and have been plotting with various friends to make the trip. but i heard that one of the owners died a while ago and the hours were erratic - am i thinking of a different secret button store? this one's phone never gets answered!

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