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underdog table

that was my "area" at the holiday sale. i was SO excited - the little target piece on the left {with the pink flower} went to a very very good home. i had been squirreling that piece away in my studio not wanting to let it go - but then thought, no... maybe i should sell it.... and then off it went to someone i adore. that makes for a happy artist!

sale was good. exhausting, but good.

holiday sale - all the players

that's how it all looked.

i got to meet a new to me artist : Andrea Brewster. her tatted [yes tatted!] artworks were divine. i hope to own one some day

andrea brewster

all the new urchin stuff

i just put all the urchin stuff online at underdog ink! . i'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. i'm excited as i started using blanks from alternative apparel . they are another company that tries to be sustainable, and fair to their workers - they have GREAT designs and these shirts are SO SOFT.... very dreamy.

anyway - if any of you bloggy folks want any underdog merch i'll happily give you 10% off your order [of anything]. just email me at :: underdogink.net{at}gmail{dot}com and i'll send you a separate paypal invoice.

gotta motor as my favorite bug is literally on her way here... and i have to get through some more grading before she arrives...

bear with my absences a tad longer... i'll be back soon!


wendy said…
oh have fun with gwen!!
glad that the sale went well..love the new urchin design.
thinking of you!
Cakespy said…
Looks like this was an awesome sale for you. I too really like the urchin design. Great post!
shari said…
the sale looks fun! love the urchin theme. please give gwen a big hug from me and then tell her to give you a big hug from me, too. :) xox
Claire said…
Good luck with your grading! Your new merch looks great!
Camilla Engman said…
What a great sale. I bet I could have bought all my christmas gifts there. Give the bug a hug. And here comes another one for you :)
jen said…
your stuff looks great! glad it went well. thanks for the into to alternative apparel. i love that long sleeve shirt in the middle with the rushing. do you know what it is called on their site?

Tiffany said…
Everything looks so wonderful! Glad the show was successful and fun (nothing better than the two together!)

'Tis the season for absences - so long as they are spent enjoying yourself!

:^) Tiff*
Julie said…
the sale looked like a good one!

have a great day, lisa. such a busy bee.
momo said…
so nice! i wish i could be there!!

joanna (momo)
Babelfish said…
Oh lisa, your holiday sale looks fantastic, you've been a busy bee! Can't wait to hear about your meeting with Bug.
UNIFORM Studio said…
oh - I so wish I could have been there. It all looks so calm and well put together, if that makes sense. I have seen too many "craft" sales where the motto is the more, the better:)
The Andrea Brewster pieces look amazing!
cally said…
such fun, your stuff looks great en masse, and i love andrea's work!
gracia said…
Ahh, it all looks grand indeed! Wonderful you!
g xo
louise said…
The sale looks fantastic. Wish I could have visited. Hope you and Gwen have a lovely catch up. xo lj
andrea (scout) said…
oh my goodness! fantastic! (can you tell i'm behind on my blog reading?) oh how i wish i could've been there. your work is even more amazing in person, but think i've told you that before. :) i'm sure i would have been unable to resist the pink longsleeve urchin shirt. it's perfect.

good luck with the grading and i hope you get some relaxing done as well! xoxoxo
Shell said…
Cool. It looks really great. Looks as though there were some fabulous things there - When I see these things on peoples blogs I always wish I could be there wandering around and gandering at the merchandise myself! Glad your favourite piece went to a good home.

I hope the visit from your friend was fun! Happy festive season!
jess gonacha said…
looks fantastic! i can't wait for the day i get to see your work in person. :)

i, too, could've gotten all my christmas gifts there. darn!
amisha said…
the new design is wonderful!! i really love it on the stripes. do you know the measurements on the medium shirt? xox

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