oh shari - oh nashville

red shari

so... it's hard to describe meeting shari . if you read her blog you feel like you know her. when i have met other blog friends, they just seem more of what they are like online. with shari, she is as kind, sweet, thoughtful and quietly funny as you might think [anyone who can name bands the measles and the mumps is kosher in my book]. she thought she was too quiet for our meet-up - but honestly we were in a big group of folks. many of whom can hold a room full of attention no problem. her traveling companions joe and tom were quick witted and very fun... i felt as though our group - including kathleen and aurora had known each other for much longer than we actually had. it's the beauty and sadness of these types of meet-ups. thrown together for span of time w/ a common allegiance knowing that the grouping is temporary... which really only makes it sweeter, no? i feel super lucky as shari will soon be coming to calif. for a visit and we will then have some one on one time.

shari brought me the most AMAZING books. the one on heath that i have been eying for ages, and this amazing collection of cool indian stuff . and some chocolate. swoon. thank you friend!

despite the missing art, aurora and i DID get to see a little bit of nashville. i haven't been anywhere in awhile where everyone KNEW we were not from the area.... it seemed like we were exotic species coming from california and new york. ha!

hatch show print

one of the highlights of the trip was our visit to hatch show print . an amazing print studio. what i wouldn't do to work there.

hatch cat chair

the arcade - where sq ft lives - is this very neat old fashioned mall. i had fun looking at the old type, other galleries, and nooks and crannies there. [are you noticing how many of these photos are ending up as diptychs? couplets on the brain] BTW. there is a nice write up of our show by david maddox here


oriental lunch


54 decco

rainbow cast

artists/designers are also using the shops as their work spaces. quite nice.

and a few shots of nashville:


i don't think this is the real location of sun records at least not anymore? but one they set up for the country music museum [my guess as it was close by]. just thinking about johnny cash and sun records made me happy

jacks bbq

can't go to the south without eating BBQ. jacks bbq is what we sampled.


godly light

shari has a day shot of this place!

two step

and there you have it.

started teaching last week [where did my break go?]. i'm excited to be teaching creative process again. it's a free for all class - 2D, 3D all media - and so it's really fun. plus it has a lot of non-art majors in it - always makes for lively discussions and approaches.

finally - i wrote our last post on amy hempel's book for ship of fools . if you are interested in joining in the book club next round we have to pick a new book. help us decide!

happy weekend!


dandelion said…
wow, sounds like nashville was really fun - and it must be bizarre meeting up with bloggy friends! loved the pics form your couplets show - i wasn't familiar with aurora's work, so i have something else to get into now! hope you are feeling in a more peaceful place than you were a few weeks ago...x
wendy said…
love those red photos of shari & your thoughts on meeting her. sounds fantastic.
love the photos, how you saw the space.
good luck with your classes.
Wow- those windows are incredible!

I've only met up with one blog friend (and it was also in tennessee!) but I hope to meet with more soon!

Sounds like you had a great time. :)
Bri said…
I can just imagine the two of you together... beautiful, soft spoken, well dressed and way too humble.
bugheart said…
the shots
of shari
are amazing.
much nashville
it's wonderful
when one meets
new people
and they
to fall into
your life
like the was
a place that
was always
for them
to fill it.
Anonymous said…
i haven't met a ton of my blog friends in person but the couple that ihave were pretty much exactly as i expected. it always felt like i really was able to get to know folks online and that like in real life i click with some faster than others. it is fascinating to me to have this confirmed when the people are right in front of me talking to me in real time.
how could shari be any less amazing in real life than she is online? it is her quiet and gentle insight that keeps me reading her posts.
i love your photos of her. :)
Babelfish said…
Your diptychs from the weekend are wonderful. Isn't shari stylish? the way you'd described her is exactly as I imagined. I love these photos from your trip, everything look so full of culture, history and artistic flair...sometimes, these places look so very different to that in UK. (PS. would love to attend your classes)
shari said…
so fun to see your nashville photos. it feels like it was all just a fabulous dream. next time i won't be so quiet. promise. xox
anne said…
thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, lisa. i felt like being on the trip with you to nashville. i love the red diptych of shari, such an awsome red combination! sending you energy for the semester! cheers, anne.
What an incredible time. Yes, I understand the beauty and sadness of such meetings. Time to go is sad. But, what wonderful wee little memories. Oo, I must go back down and read in earlier posting.. was the box of art found?? Oh, The art mystery in your blog! Yummmy! hee heee.. Off to read more! ;)
LOooove the photos!!
Lovely Paper said…
i know i'm late, but happy new year lisa! just wanted to say thanks for your comment. california is such a great place. it's good to see your you had a great time during your trip as well :) hugs!
Molly said…
So beautiful! I grew up in Chattanooga, and I definitely miss so much of the south... by the way, if you don't mind my asking, what do you use to set up dyptichs? (Am I spelling that right? I'm so pathetic at spelling!) I like big huge labs flickr stuff, but I also really like the alignment of yours. :) What a magical trip!
rebekka said…
Awww....I'm a Nashvillian, and those pictures make me so happy....beautiful.
Karen said…
Sounds like a really great meet, none the less. How lucky to have met Shari in person or other blog friends...I hope one day I can do the same...
jenifer74 said…
oh yeah, i've had 2 friends intern with hatch. i lust after that place - so amazing.
julie said…
LOVE your shots and words about Shari - it must have been so lovely to meet.
I recieved your notebook yesterday - thank you. A lovely surprise in the post xxx
andrea (scout) said…
these diptychs are killing me. soooo marvelous. (good to see a nashville/boot photo in the mix too:)

i can only imagine what it must have been like to meet shari, and i'm so glad you guys had that opportunity. i won't even start in about sun records. oh my heck.
amy said…
I agree about Shari. I've never met her but I love her blog, and her photography honors the details and the often overlooked things that make her life, and life in general, so interesting. That's a rare talent.

Loved the descriptions and photos from your show, Lisa! And the suspense!
Daisy said…
I love the Tomkats signage on the building. Nice photography.You have a great eye for placement.
Kindest regards,
amisha said…
i can't wait to meet you AND shari in person. one day...
love all of your shots of nashville. sounds like such a fun city. xoxo

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