winter white

winter white :: diana fayt

for shari's winter white week. it's been so lovely seeing white pop here and there in blogland

delicate ceramics by the lovely and talented diana fayt . she gave me them along with her amazing calendar a little bit ago. they have tiny impressions in them. the ceramic is paper thin. epitomize delicate. you can still get a calendar for yourself!

diana also has a great new blog . have you seen it?

i'm fighting a cold. i don't want it to win.

my studio visits went well. now i just have to plot and plan. {i'll give you some sneak peeks soon}

lisa and i have a theme for our show at airstream studios . we just need to research. i also got a piece of lisa's art. i'll photo it soon. but i feel very lucky. i didn't get any photos, but i have a serious crush on wilfredo . he's also the best dressed pup i've ever met.

tomorrow is the first crit for my creative process class. i better bring ricola.

have you seen these sophisticated wall stickers by harmonie-interieure ?

have a good thursday!


louise said…
Ahhh how relaxing and surreal those white winter tones are to me here on a very muggy day in Melbourne. Hope your battle with the cold is won. xo lj
gracia said…
May you win the Cold Battle, Lisa. Here, I am doing battle with Lethargy.
Feel better soon, g xo
anne said…
those pieces by diana fayt look so delicate over the bed. i like her art so much.

thanks for the link to the fabulous french sticker shop!

good luck with the cold & a beautiful day to you!
jen said…
i hope you feel better soon, lisa!
dandelion said…
fab pic lisa! hope you get better soon...x
shari said…
thanks 4 playing and linking over. your photo is having such a calming effect on me! xoxo
bugheart said…
get well soon.
love the
wendy said…
oh good luck with that cold, it's taken down some good people.
love your plotting and planning, can't wait to see what you come up with.
good luck as well with the crit.
be well.
alyssa said…
Hope you are feeling better soooon....
amy ross said…
Wait, you're going to have a show out here in New England??! Yay! When is it?
Katrina said…
i've just come across your blog and your artwork. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. i did a letterpress broadside series w/ stitched thread this summer for an SFCB exhibition. it was such a delight to find your letterpress/ sewing series in your porfolio. truly stunny work. nice to meet you in blogland.
Oh Lisa...

You are forever in my top ten list of awesome people.

[and yes, you GOTTA love moop]
Andrea said…
Hello :) When will you be having a show at Artstream? I would love the chance to see your work in person sometime. I have a piece in the Lovely Hearts 2 exhibit that opens next Friday and it looks like a great space, but I haven't been there yet!
Hope you win and not the cold ;)
babelfish said…
Diana fayt's work is wonderful.
Hope you get well soon, I am so excited about your show with lisaC -sometimes I wish I was stateside :)
abby said…
Lisa- I hope you are feeling better!
Your tags are beautiful-and so is that frame :)
I'm excited to hear more about the double lisa show!
take care
Joanna Goddard said…
what a gorgeous and calming picture. white is really making a comeback! :)
Julie said…
I hope you're feeling well!

I loved your post over on Poppytalk! I'd invest in more furniture, too... if I had the money!
lisa s said…
hello friends.
so glad you like my white.... :)
and thanks for the well wishes.
amisha said…
diana's pieces make me so happy. mine are hanging over my desk and making me smile every day...
hope the cold is almost gone. half-sick is no good... not sick enough to justify staying home in bed but not well enough to be up and about!
cally said…
the cold is just there so that you'll get that fantastic feeling of whoooshyness when it goes, and you can take on teh world and fly with your show research - i just know it'll be a knockout show, can't wait. ok i have to wait, but it's gonna be hard, so hard. xox

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