Intersections opens Thursday

hi all.
i was away from my computer all day today - so it was a THRILL to find out the tiny showcase print sold out... thank you thank you to all of you that purchased, mentioned, supported, etc. !!! what a thrill!


so... all my green and yellow tanks are up and in a row [imperfect rows - but that's how i like them].

come on down and say hi and see them for yourself on thursday - from 5-8 pm at the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery..... more info here . it's a bit tricky to find - so be sure and take a gander at their map if you don't know where you are headed....

you should also check out the evan b. harris show at rare device that opens the same night.

hope to see you [please say hi!]


Esti said…
I wish I could come and see the exhibit. I'll have to resign myself to the great pictures you've posted. Colorful tanks making patterns is such an incredibly good idea! I love it.
hrsj said…
the rows look lovely and not imperfect to me, but imperfect is a character trait, not a flaw. :) {I have to remind myself of that fact sometimes!}

congrats on it! I hope you have fun at the opening!
UNIFORM Studio said…
yea! I knew they would sell out:)
the tank wall looks wonderful. I love a field of anything -repetition + felt + bold color = amazing.
wendy said…
good luck at the opening and a huge congrats for the selling out!
julie said…
Of course i would say hi (shyly) and of course your print sold out!!!
LOVE the tank wall and i havent forgotten the tanks :)
hugs xxx
bugheart said…
it sold out-
i am not
quick enough!
so wonderful
that they
went so quickly!

the show looks
i guess i can
see your
felt tanks
even if
i don't get to
see you
boo hoo!
Katrina said…
congrats on the opening! if i wasn't sick as a dog i would buzz across the bay bridge to see the show and meet you in person. alas! another time. i wanted to let you know that i just posted about "illustration play" over at my blog, and i included your blog and work in posting. come give a peek:
nature morph said…
Congrats on the Tiny Showcase prints selling out so fast! I know what a thrill that is. And the wall looks great. I want to try my hand at doing a wall piece not just with paint directly on the wall, but with things adhered to it, like your tanks... Thanks my dear for the inspiration, as always.
melissa s. said…
I so wish I could see these in person, but the wall looks great in the pic! Congrats Lisa!
gracia said…
Wishing I could be there in person... have a wonderfully giddy evening.

see you, g xx
amisha said…
i'm not alone in wishing i could be there too. the tanks look *amazing*. congratulations!!
ps you make my day :)
Anonymous said…
Your art and your blog are incredible- I wish I could see those gorgeous tanks in person!
jenifer74 said…
oh geez, i'm behind on my reading and just saw this, i went to the RD opening with mati & was kinda keeping an eye peeled for you (how silly am i?).

i hope it was awesome.

and you my friend, are my spring fling winner - shoot your address over when you get a chance ;)
louise said…
Great news about your print. Wish I could drop in and say hello in person... Have fun. xo lj
babelfish said…
Congrats on your prints selling out (wish I was quick enough to buy)...
How wonderful it must be to see your work in person.x
blair said…
sometimes it really makes no sense to walk away from the computer. I missed them ! I knew they would sell out. You are brilliant. I was looking through the kaleidescope you sent me today. xo

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