a tiny showcase [yay!]

DDE + greenola

hi friends. hope this monday finds you well.

aurora and i are SO excited to announce this..... the above couplet will be available as a print from tiny showcase tomorrow night at 7pm eastern time. we've chosen the alliance for climate protection as our charity. i've so admired what tiny showcase does for so long.... it feels like a huge honor to join their roster of prints !!

last night while cooking


i noticed that the artichokes were the same color as the tank installation.... which hopefully gets finished today!


babelfish said…
Definitely a good reason for a 'Yay!'
Congrats (love the artichokes, they look so beautiful in the pan).
risa said…
yay for us! i'm going to try and snag one. i bet this is one that will sell out quick. :)
shari said…
so happy for you both! woohoo! xoxo
Claire said…
Shut up! That is SO cool! Two things I love! Congrats!
Kathleen said…
OMG! So exciting!
Julie said…
How exciting! Congrats to you both! I'll have to set an alarm or something...so I can get there on time before they're all gone!
hannah said…
are you trying to kill me? i just swore off tiny showcase until i got some things framed. dang...
Camilla Engman said…
That's wonderful, Lisa!
wendy said…
so excited about tiny showcase and I can't wait to see your tanks finished!!
sally said…
Hooray! I can't wait to snag one tomorrow night [I'm hoping my "positive" thinking will work...it is sure to sell out quickly.]
jenifer74 said…
oh excellent on the tiny showcase!!
Katrina said…
congrats on the tiny showcase. what a wonderful couplet! and so fun to see your green inspiration in the artichokes; i recently discovered my blue obsessions in a certain hue of sky! fun.
Esti said…
Those are sooo good!
amisha said…
congratulations!! i love this couplet. i was so so excited when i got the email from TS earlier today :) can't wait to see it live + in person. xoxo
Anonymous said…
love that print! hope they haven't sold out yet...now rushing there!! hee

bugheart said…
the print
so beautiful
my very

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