can you ever have enough robots [or bunnies]?


so... i can't believe this show is opening on friday. is that possible? if you are in the bay area and would like to come to the opening from 7-9pm, let me know - i have a few guest spots available on my list....

bots in progress

this is one of the many positions i've been in trying to get my site specific drawing done .... once again i'm struck by this whole process. still formulating, but here's a wee list

today i noticed/thought::

* my elbows hurt from propping myself up on them to paint
* it's easier for me to paint sideways right then sideways left
* when i show up on friday will the piece no longer seem mine?
* primary colors are good
* one, two, three, four, five, six
* pacman, space invaders, pixels
* repetition really is under-rated
* i really could spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week painting. it would be a privilege
* my wall drawing is across from a mother-f*^ck*n ed ruscha drawing !!! i never in my whole life would have thought that possible
* i really don't like being away from home for 14 hours
* i hate LED billboards
* who decided to call a dongle a dongle? [computer thing that hooks your laptop up to a projector]

and oh! if you weren't already bombarded with my spring newsletter... the san jose museum shot a little video of me.... i haven't really watched it because watching myself gives me the willies, but.... you can watch me seem uncomfortable in my studio.... they shot video of several people in the show - including one of my favorite artists [and former teacher] gail wight . her video is here

there's more info on the show and a link to podcasts of the videos on the san jose museum website

and... i wanted to share this little bunny i made for wendy's new baby.

bunny for baby

i could also spend all day making little softies i think.....

happy hump day.


Camilla said…
I want to write something about how interesting it was to hear some of your thoughts behind you work, especially to do with repetition, but really all I can say is how cute you are!Good luck with the show!
Esti said…
I like to see the process, your painting process. An read your shared thoughts. I wish I was there to see the exhibition, as I always do. Good luck with it!
eshu said…
oh Lisa, i just adore you...

robots and bunnies, what life is all about

Tracy said…
oh how i heart ed ruscha! awesome company - for him too! all looks so lovely. wish i were closer... xot
Andrea said…
I'm with you repetition IS under-rated. For me, it turns into a meditation in motion right around #9 and beyond....:)
I enjoyed your list!
Take Care
Kathleen said…
I think your video is great. I loved what you said about repetition. I know how you feel though, I can't stand to listen to any recordings of my own voice--completely freaks me out.
Congratulations on the show. Painting all week sounds heavenly. I so wish I could go to the opening. Take lots of photos:)
amy dawn rose said…
great video, lisa. i always enjoy hearing articulate artists talk about their own work. and you weren't awkward at all.
melissa s. said…
I loved your video, especially the analogy about your "robotic" self portrait. Also loved the bunny and just have to say that I used to giggle whenever someone would ask for a dongle at work!
shari said…
loved the repetition thoughts. your robots are wonderful. i wish i could see them in person. so good to "see" you. ;) sending hugs for a great opening. xox
Anke said…
hey gorgeous! :) love the robots and would love to see the whole show...the part about repitition was super interesting. after a while your hands seem to aquire a 'mind' of their own. it was great to watch you - you are so cute, very talented and really charming.
good luck with the show!
risa said…
i love peaking into your brain. what a glorious creative brain it is!
Tiffany said…
Lisa - what a great interview; you are so adorable! Loved the peak inside your studio, too.
gracia said…
Such a distinct and wonderful aesthetic you have. I love to read of how your elbows ache and to 'see' you on youtube - such a thrill! Wonderful! Wonderful!

hugs, g xo
louise said…
Where to start? I love the bunny you made for Wendy's new-be, I'm sure they will too... I loved watching your interview, you did splendidly. I've only had to be filmed once, and I found it excruciating... Your studio looks huge and so productive... I too would love to spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week painting, maybe even 6 days a week, with one day off to read the papers and sleep in. xo lj
julie said…
Oh Lisa Lisa, so good to hear you speak and express the ideas we read about so often..i smiled the whole way through!!! You have such a distinct style and your ideas follow through in all of your wonderful work. PACMAN...great memories.
Beautiful softie too.
Enjoy the exhibition xxx
andrea (scout) said…
there will always be a need for more bunnies and rabbits. :) and videos and shots of you painting on the floor and lists like this one. you are too cute. and ridiculously talented. it looks like an amazing show. xoxo
patricia said…
I think you did great in the video! It was so nice to see you. I hate listening to myself too - yuk! Congratulations on your show. I wish I were close enough to visit.

I loved what you said about repetition. I can really relate to that.

The bunny is adorable! :)
Camilla Engman said…
How wonderful to see and hear you "live". You are so well articulate (and extremely beautiful). It sounds like you know what you are doing, and why :)
Katrina said…
ohmygoodness that video is wonderful. what a treat (as one of your blog folks) to hear you speak and see you in your studio. yes, i loved hearing you talk about your work: the repetition, the art vs. craft, the masculine & feminine. congrats on your show! super congrats. (and ed ruscha too!)
UNIFORM Studio said…
I agree with all the comments -you are so articulate.
You really seem at ease. I think talking about something you love makes it easy to be comfortable.
and you are so cute!
hope the opening went well -wish I could have been there.
emily said…
watching that video was awfully fun! to see you, and hear - in your voice - about the robots. just fun. i'm late, the show has opened - but i hope it was wonderfully well received. looking forward to seeing pictures.
You are quite gorgeous, Lisa! Gracious.

And that is SOME BUNNY! :) Love it.

Congrats on the latest--- keep up the inspiration!! :)
babelfish said…
How cool to have a video of you talking about your work (the next best thing to actually being there). You gotta love those tin robots! That's the cutest rabbit softie ever!
Blair said…
wow, so fun to see you move and talk! (That's a funny thing to say!). I loved your explanation of your work on this. Not to mention how gorgeous you are! But worth mentioning! xo
dandelion said…
I have been taking a bit of a blogging break (from posting at least) but I have been still reading all my favourites... Just because I havent commented doesn't mean I haven't had lots to say... I'm back now and wanting to get back in the saddle, I hope I can make up for lost time...x (congrats on the show - it all looks fab from here!)
amisha said…
hey lovely. so so fun to watch your video and hear your thoughts about your work... and i just also have to say that yes! you are so super cute. :) i loved the bicultural + gender stories behind the robot pieces.
ohhh and e just bought me a crocheted softie book from kinokuniya! now i just have to learn to crochet. xox
abby said…
Oh my god-lisa!
Lisa-it is really you!
I'm sitting here, drinking a glass of wine, waiting for james to get off work so we can go out-and I'm like-hmm-I haven't checked your blog in a long time...okay.
What a great video. You are so amazing...the whole robot as a self portrait-love it. Just everything is making sense-so good to actually see you.
and the robot quilt...just dying a lit bit from the best of ways.
You are amazing and the fact that you are so kind and so sweet and just so damn busy-but you still share with us all the time.
You are the bomb.

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