devotion to thread

feeling a little quiet and introspective over here. not sure what to really post about - but i do have this news:

devotion to thread

i'm in this show in milwaukee. i wish i could go and check it out - because as is always the case with thread - you need to see it to really get it.... the list of participating artists is pretty darn incredible. go ahead and get lost in those links.... and here's a link to install shots

if anyone is in the milwaukee area and goes - i'd love to know what you think. there's an opening reception on the 31st....

curated by Faythe Levine [of Handmade Nation documentary fame]
more info:

Woodland Pattern
720 E. Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
414. 263. 5001

Chris Niver, Milwaukee, WI,
Diem Chau, Seattle, WA,
Emily Eibel, Brooklyn, NY,
Jenny Hart, Austin, TX,
Kate Bingman-Burt, Mississippi State, MS,
Kristin Loffer Theiss, Mount Vernon, WA,
Melissa Woods, Columbus, OH,
Merrliee Challis, Birmingham, AL,
Orly Cogan, NY, NY,
Pippi Zornoza, Providence, RI,
Rebecca Schoenecker, Chicago, IL,
Shannon Rankin, Maine,
Steve Macdonald, San Francisco, CA,
Xander Marro, Providence, RI,

Curator's statement:
When I received my February/March American Craft Magazine there was a statement in reference to fiber artist Lenore Tawney talking about her "Devotion To Thread". It struck me as the perfect title for the upcoming show I was putting together for Woodland Pattern that would focus on artists working with components of "handcraft". I am pleased to bring together 15 artists from Milwaukee to New York, Alabama to California, that all work in a variety of mediums and methods, with the common "thread" of thread in their work.

My hope for this show is that the viewer will not only walks away with a new appreciation of using hand and machine embroidery, sewing, needlework, and handcraft within art, but will also feel inspired to go home and create. I am honored to be working with such a creatively diverse group of artists that are at varying degrees within their artistic careers willing to come together and celebrate their devotion to what ties them together, thread.

Limited Catalog Available:
A complimentary limited edition, hand assembled (paper, wooden spool, hand stamped) catalog (edition of 300 pieces) will be available while they last to gallery guests. The catalog will be designed and assembled by curator Faythe Levine as a way to commemorate this show and Woodland Pattern's commitment to bringing new work to Milwaukee.


Katrina said…
congrats on this show. i can't wait to spend some time getting lost in those links. oh, dear thread! (sigh. swoon. sigh.) i hope you are enjoying your quietude and introversion, in the meantime. especially now that oakland is about 20 degrees cooler...
jess gonacha said…
wow, congrats! looks like that'll be one fantastic show. thanks for all the links, too, to some fabulous artists!
estibaliz said…
Thanks for all those links. It seems I'll have a busy morning checking it all.... ;)
looks like an AMAZING show!..thanks for all these links, I shall be kept busy for a while now ;)

xo to you.
louise said…
Congratulations on the show, sounds fantastic. And no wonder you are feeling a little quiet and introspective, you've been exhibiting so, so much. You must be just a little tuckered out? Sending a big hug. lj
poppy said…
i wish i could see it too. your portfolio updated looks amazing!
Cally said…
missing my visits here but been too tired to read blogs, not even just to see pics. but wanted to say you are not forgotten dear lady. and you are clearly ass busy as ever, the new show sounds good, love the poster for it. i will return fully when i can, till then, be well xxx
wendy said…
what a cool show & so right up your alley!
hrsj said…
Lisa, that card and lineup of artists looks like fantastic company. I wish you could go too.
ambika said…
What a fantastic thing to be a part of. I love even the embroidery I do see on flickr and blogs though I know it must be 10 times better in person.
Oh my Lisa--- I wish they'd ask you to design a trash can, too. I'd be first in line to purchase, and then I'd hang them all over my walls! :)

Love to you this weekend,
amisha said…
this show sounds amazing lisa! i wish so much i could see it in person. can i tell you how excited i am to see your thread work up close and personal in one more month?? :) xox
gracia said…
Wishing I could check it out, too.

hugs, g xx
bugheart said…
i know
quiet and
those links
are so
i wish i could
see them all
in person!
talk soon?

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