happy happy mother's day

happy mothers day [1]

there's no standard mom job description. sure there's snot and baths and dinner and laundry.... there's also all that intangible stuff - the looks, the stickers on your lunch bags, the staying with you until you fall asleep. every mom i know admits that sometimes its a thankless, completely overwhelming responsibility. but they all wouldn't trade it for the world. well i wouldn't trade my mom or my grandmother in for anything. thank you for everything you've done for me. every hug, every encouragement, every prejudiced praise... even though i can't be with you tomorrow know that i am thinking of you and love you very very much.

to all moms in blogland who share with us and inspire us thank you

to the new andexpecting moms... a special congratulations

and of course a big hug to all the pet moms .... i'm sorry i couldn't list every single mom out there - but give yourselves bit pats on the back!

hope everyone gets breakfasts in bed, lots of hugs, and special treats galore! i'll be back next week with some robot photos

happy mothers day [2]


wendy said…
can't wait to see the robots.
love your thoughts on moms!
melissa s. said…
thank you lisa, most lovely pet mom of all!
and oooh, robots!!
shim + sons said…
Love the photographs--beautiful colors! And you are the best mommy to all your four-legged babies! ;) xoxo.
babelfish said…
Aww..what a lovely tribute to mums out there (the closest and blogland inspirations). So sweet of you to share.
louise said…
That's lovely... my mum had a fun day. We ate, played cards, walked the dog, had my grandmother over for lunch. All round it was lovely. hope you mum and grandma had perfect days too. xo lj
Esti said…
Thanks for such sweet words!
amanda said…
Oh, you are always so kind in your words, Lisa! I hope you had a lovely day, you special pet Mama, you!!!
Kim said…
Thanks for thinking of me! I lifted a lot more fingers than I was supposed to (such is life, sigh), but it was still awesome.
Anke said…
Hope you had a lovely pet-mom-day, Lisa.
I just found this for you via meggiecat:


Awwww, I'm not a mother yet (although I am a proud pet mother of two incredibly misbehaved dogs!), but I imagine this would be exactly the kind of well wishes I'd like to receive on Mothers Day.

You are a gem, Lisa! Inside and out. :)
amisha said…
what a fabulous mother's day post :) happy belated pet mama day!
andrea said…
thank you! oh, thank you so much! xoxoxo
Caterine said…
mmmm, love your pola!
they are exquisite.
bugheart said…
i am
with wenders...
so love
your thoughts...
for pet moms!

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