presents for me {and 1 for you if you live in LA}


i came home to this meal the other night. a tapas feast cooked by my husband. what a treat. gwen just posted about how nice it is to be a recipient of a well cooked meal - and i couldn't agree more.

i'm still very much in my own head these days. things are in flux. i have a long to do list - i'm just trying to line ducks up and not let anyone/anything down. instead of chattering about that i'll show you some good things that have been arriving on my doorstep.

my favorite hat this winter

a while ago natasha sent me a package of goodies including some yarn that she spun. i immediately crocheted a hat. i wore this hat all winter. all the time. i had more conversations about this hat than any other hat i've ever worn. people would ask me where the yarn came from, whether i made and sold them, could i make one for them.... you can get your own skein of natasha's amazing yarn through her etsy store luxe .

bounty from gracia and louise

gracia and louise had a little contest on their blog. i somehow won.... so this little bird and pile of goodies landed on my doorstep. the bird promptly told me his name was pietro. he was a bit worried because he had been reading about crime the whole trip, but i told him he'd live happy in a basket i have with a bunch of other soft friends. he has since nuzzled in. [i believe his eye came all the way from portugal via paula . what a global bird.] the embroidery on his backside is so hypnotic. i love it. thank you ladies.

do you live in LA? do you want to attend the Dwell Design Conference? you can use this code: BDODEC to get in for free follow this link . i wish i could go.

i'm off to an opening of my friends work. a 12 year mini-retrospective. kimberly austin's work is really beautiful. her show is happening at braunstein/quay gallery .

been thinking a lot about visual cues. also how i haven't posted any polaroids in a long long long time. i think next week i'm going to just post polaroids with captions. still want to be a bit quiet.

hope your weekends are lovely


Julie said…
Mmm, that meal looks so good!... I wish I could take advantage of that code for the conference, too. I've always wanted to go to one of those, but they're always somewhere and sometime that doesn't allow for a impromptu trip.

I can't wait for next week! I always love your polaroids.
shari said…
i heart tapas. your hat is the best. love. enjoy the quiet lisa. i'm eagerly awaiting your polaroids. xox ps: would love to hear the idea you mentioned over at the glass doorknob.
risa said…
hi friend.
i love tapas.
yum. yum. yum.
if i could be anywhere right now it would probably somewhere warm in spain, sitting outside eating tapas and drinking wine.
maybe there would be a slight breeze so that i could borrow your lovely hat.
Esti said…
Those tapas look good! Especially the Spanish omelette, mmmmmm....
I look forward to your polaroid posts :)
gracia said…
Such a thrill your post gave me, seeing little linen Pietro there... seeing that he made it and knowing that he now resides in cosiness in your world in a basket littered with other soft chums.

Happy Monday!

g xo
Anke said…
I wish my husband could cook! (I gave him a children's cookbook once so he could get started, but it hasn't really caught on...sigh...)
The hat is amazing! I love all the bubbly bits and how you combined the two yarns...fab.

(Quiet phases are you don't send any time inside your head, how will you get new ideas or reflect on the old ones?)
louise said…
I'm so glad you and Pietro hit it off. I had told him to keep away from the crime novels, as they might be a little on the scary side while he was all alone travelling, but he must be a braver little bird than I'd thought.

Your tapas meal looks delicious. How lucky you are. xo lj
bugheart said…
wish we
get together
and have
d and grub
cook for us...
we could
sit and chat
while they
and drink beer.
so perfect.
some day
i'll live in sf.
Karen said…
Ooooh! The hat is the cutest! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet... getting a meal made for you is one of the best things to receive...


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