week of polaroids - before spring is winter

you are so far away

you are so far away [gotta love when a mistake/bad film just works - check out what abby considers crap ]

midnight magnolias

midnight magnolias [polaroid blue i will miss you]

alone again

alone again

how is your memorial day [if you get to celebrate it?]


Julie said…
wonderful! really.
risa said…
oh! i love those. i love when a blog post matches my current mood.
hrsj said…
lisa i really can't get enough of that top image!
today we relaxed around home and i thought alot about my grandfather.
how's the grading going?
melissa s. said…
I love those magnolias! I had to wipe the dust off my computer screen to be sure those were stars above. I love your polaroids and looking forward to a week of em! (beautiful tapas too!)
louise said…
I'm loving your polaroids, especially that top one. At first I thought it was a giant ice berg making it's way into your local park, but then I thought, no, that's unlikely. xo lj
wendy said…
that mistake polaroid is so beautiful..it works perfectly.
bugheart said…
that first one-
the photo blurb
made it
what did you
do for
memorial day?
amisha said…
oh lisa. i've been saving up my catch-up over here to soak up all the beauty of your pola week :) these are wonderful... that top one blows me away. thinking of you lady. xox

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