week of polaroids - other places look similar

these were all shot in another locale. but they could be anywhere, no?

don't cross the line
don't cross the line

dreaming of tents
dreaming of tents

in the details
in the details... or east meets west... or orientalism in downtown... [or a metaphor for me]

this was his favorite chair
this was his favorite chair - in the living room at least [if you squint you might see a ghost]



Esti said…
It might be a ghost or it is just you, one of those persons to leave a track, a scent, a presence, everywhere they go... You sound like one of those... That last one is aoulful polaroid indeed :)
shari said…
oh so good. xox
Katrina said…
i absolutely adore the chair photos. so, so good.
UNIFORM Studio said…
they look good as a series.
I keep thinking I should dig out one of our polaroid cameras...
Esti said…
Sorry, I meant soulful. And I was meaning the picture before the last one... oooooops, sorry :)
hrsj said…
there's so much light in your polaroids lisa, how do you do that? mine always come out dark.
bugheart said…
they chair-
so so so
amisha said…
these are surreal in their sense of place... and the light...
and i just love the way you document chairs

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