week of polaroids - still lives

sometimes yellow tinges and blurriness feel right

we will wait
we will wait

i have a secret to tell you
i have a secret to tell you

fleeting [the 600 film counterpart to the daffodil below]

i see red
i see red

together forever
together forever

happy thursday


UNIFORM Studio said…
the images paired with words seem to be telling a specific story.

I can only guess...

Katrina said…
i have SO enjoyed seeing your polaroids this week. lovely, lovely.
hrsj said…
you do it every time. beeeautiful lisa.

countdown to the 10th?
Anonymous said…
The great joy of the beautiful photos is only exceeded by the excitement of anticipation over the secret to come.....I wait with baited breath!!
Could these be any more beautiful? Ahhhh, you have such talent, my dear Lisa! :)
risa said…
I can't wait to hear the secret...
bugheart said…
oh so lovely
red and yellow...
and heath vases
gracia said…
A little yellow.
And fuzzy edges too.
Sounds just right to me.
see you, g xo
amisha said…
your titles are so good. i am just loving soaking up these images today...

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