week of polaroids - the wonder of nature [goodbye SX70]

poppies it is
poppies it is [these are huge- dinner plate size]

we miss the fields in amsterdam
we miss the fields outside of amsterdam [i have vivid memories of passing sunflower fields on the train]

sweet oranges
sweet oranges

lone daffodil
lone daffodil

blue haze blossoms
blue haze blossoms

this was my last pack of SX70. goodbye... i'll miss your incredible strange and wonderous tints

happy wednesday


Anke said…
I wish I'd gotten into polaroids earlier, now they are almost extinct. The moods and light are just so much more interesting than with any other camera. Yours are so beautiful...they'll be a real treasure soon! XO
Tiffany said…
Great poppies! I love those weird tints - they make every picture seem like they were taken 30+ years ago...a little grainy, a little fuzzy, a little dreamy. So sad that it was your last pack :^(
shari said…
i love them all. the oranges and the blue tints especially. happy wednesday to you. xoxo
Julie said…
farewell, indeed! it's so sad.

beautiful final shots though, lisa :) i especially heart the last two. quite the mood!
risa said…
i looooooooooooove the poppy photo. what is it about poppies? i just adore them. they are magical. i find i have an incredibly strong positive reaction to them.
hrsj said…
i keep going back to look at the lone daffodil image.
Esti said…
What a great finale!

I could look at the poppies and the sunflowers forever :)
jenifer74 said…
love this blue haze blossom. beautiful.
wendy said…
the colors of those oranges is awesome.
jen said…
those poppies are amazing! i love all of these. xo
bugheart said…
so so sad
i haven't had any
in forever
but you make
me miss its
beautiful colors
all over again...
wanna get
and buy
a polaroid
you'd think
it'd be alot
but just
how much
we'd save
on film!
Molly said…
It's weird how this lovely thing that seems to have been seeing a surge of popularity is fading! It stinks! Love, love this collection.
babelfish said…
Oh lisa, this set of polaroids are gorgeous! I LOVE the poppies shot (and the last two in particular).
amisha said…
the poppies took my breath away... and the sunflower pair is so perfect together. this is a beautiful tribute to s-70. xox

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