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Pattern reDefined

coasts that is.

tomorrow i leave for LA. i'm in a show with freddy chandra and jil weinstock that opens

THIS Saturday :: June 28th :: 6-8pm at Walter Maciel Gallery . if you are in town please come say hello. you can see a few doily toxin drawings and a new tank piece. freddy and jil are great artists - i think it will be interesting to see our respective takes on pattern, color and the domestic.

and.... on the other coast - tomorrow a show called small wonders opens at garson baker fine art . this is my first real show [besides art fairs] in new york, so i'm a bit excited. i wish i could go to see it, but seems that isn't in the cards. if anyone makes it to the show, will you let me know??? other doily toxin drawings will be on view. although i'm really sad that they won't be paired with their original partners .

this morning i had the pure pleasure of meeting andrea - and her two most perfect kids [and i waved to ward]. there are some people you just feel like you've known for a very very long time. she falls - actually glides - into that category. there was no picture snapping, but she is the physical embodiment of her photos . i don't really think i can find the words - so go look at her pictures. i can not wait until we meet again.

the other really nice thing about this weekend is that i get to see some good friends [including a new little one] AND celebrate my dad's birthday with him [and my mom and grandma]. my dad is a really unassuming, gentle soul. he doesn't like to call too much attention to himself [unless there's a camera on him - then he always makes a goofy face. wait. i do that too]. if you are in a room full of people and someone calls out - pick the guy who's dependable, trustworthy, and kind the room would point to him.

not sure if i'll be posting while in la-la land but... remember you can enter the little give away if you are so inclined.

happy rest of the week!


hrsj said…
i'm happy the coasts will be filled with your beautiful art! congratulations on them. so much good things are happening with you lately, hooray! :)

Happy Birthday to your dad, that's pretty special you'll be able to spend time with him for it!

happy traveling to you dear!
Katrina said…
congrats on your shows! and glad your mac is up and running again. and thanks for pointing me to andrea's blog, i hadn't come across it yet and it's GORGEOUS. wow. happy travels to you.
alyssa said…
Yay! Looks like such a great place! Maybe I'll see you there:)
gracia said…
So many good good things happening for you at the moment, Lisa, and really they couldn't happen to a nicer person. Enjoy your super weekend of openings, meetings, catch-ups and celebrations.

be well, g xo
amisha said…
happy b-day to your dad! what lovely words about him... he sounds like a fantastic person. not surprising at all since you are his daughter :)
and i do wish you were in nyc for your show... but i will go check it out and report back!
titofarpas said…
Beautiful art. Good trip.
Lots of kisses
Ahhh, thanks for the sweet comment, Lisa dear!
bugheart said…
your toxin
are my
personal favorite.
wish i could
have been LA
for my bday
at your show!
on the NY show...
my brother
will be there!
ladylinoleum said…
Bri told me your opening was great! I'm so sorry to have missed you girlie! Next time I'm up north, I am definitely stopping by to see you.
wendy said…
hope your dad's birthday was a good one.
again loved seeing you.
babelfish said…
One day, I would love to attend one of your shows in person. Happy birthday to your dad!
maditi said…
so many beautiful things going on your life :)
congrats on the show and the fabulous publications.

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